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What I like about hunting.

by Conrad Evarts   |  July 26th, 2011 2

Alyssa training as a child soldier

This blog is an entry into my series about prepping my daughter for her first elk hunt this fall.

I’m a big fan of child labor, so she will be rewarded with a meal on Thursday or Friday for doing my job for me today. She will be docked in pay for her use of passive verbs.

“What I like about hunting.

What I like about hunting the most is the creativity required. It is a sort of game. But what I love the most about hunting is when you have found your deer and then you feel the hardwood stock, the pleasure of the gun against your shoulder and the day when the gun goes boom.

Hunting does not take just practice, it takes skill. Knowing which direction the wind is facing and where to hide. You are not just to stay in your blind, sometimes you have to get out and look for them.

They smell you when you come. You have to be smart about the direction of the wind. You also

She loves her CZ Scout, and will be hunting her elk with a CZ USA .308

have to have patience. It’s not like you’ll be there for ten minutes and then you’ll leave. You most likely will be there in the blind from very early to fairly late depending on the time of year.

I started hunting on public land in Minnesota when I was ten. Last December my dad took me to Texas to hunt with the family of Greg Rodriguez. That is when I shot my first buck and doe. When I shot the buck, my dad said he knew some people who probably couldn’t have made that shot.

My favorite food to make with the venison from my deer is spaghetti.”

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