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Idaho Man Takes on Pack of Wolves

by PH Online Editors   |  September 20th, 2012 15

Photo from The Challis Messenger

Apparently nobody told Rick Pearce that Liam Neeson already laid claim to the title as bloody knuckled wolf brawler in his movie The Grey.

It seems that Pearce, from Idaho, just doesn’t care. On an archery elk hunt this past weekend near Clayton, Idaho, Pearce spent almost an hour calling in elk, only to find himself surrounded by a pack of wolves. As at least five wolves circled him, one made it within 40 yards. That’s when Pearce decided to turn the tables on the pack.

“They still thought dinner was in the area. It wasn’t me, though,” he told The Challis Messenger. At that point Pearce, who had a permit to hunt wolves, fired an arrow at one of the predators from 70 yards, striking the wolf right behind the shoulder. The pack continued to circle as he tracked the wounded wolf’s bloody trail.

“I thought it was kind of strange they hung around,” Pearce said. “People assume they will take off and run.” When he got to the wolf, it growled and lunged at him, at which point he pulled out his .22 pistol and ended the threat.

Asked if the fear of the wolf presence would deter him from his 39th year of archery hunting, Pearce said there’s no chance. “I’m not going to stop just because wolves get in the way.”

His only resolution? “I think I’ll take a bigger handgun.”

  • Ron

    "Smoke a pack a day"

  • Ben

    Thats incredible. I thought if I were to shoot one with my bow that they would scatter as well. Good to know

  • Michaelb

    Call BS, no documented cases of a wolf attacking a human

    • Ron

      Your right, but this read says nothing about a wolf attacking a human, go ahead read it again, you'll see. You must not be a hunter, but rather a wolf lover. Any wolf that gets close enough to me to shoot with a bow is goin down as well.

    • Peter

      I guess you forgot about the man in Saskatchewan a few years back being killed….

    • Adam

      Are you kidding me? There have been several documented wolf attacks on humans in the last few years., several in Canada and at least two in Alaska. Get your facts straight before you post something on a web site and prove your ignorance.

  • tyson

    Bigger pistol? May I recomment a tec-9 or UZI?

    • David

      I love your answer!!!!!!!!

  • Trophy Time Gun Dogs

    Check this out Minnesota Grouse Hunter Kills Wolf to Protect Dog

  • IDBirdhunter

    I live in Idaho and have heard several people (hunters and hikers) say it is common to have wolves follow and walk paralell to people as they walk thru the woods. Not that they are attacking, but they just aren't really afraid of people. Judging from the size of these Timber wolves we have it is frightening!!

  • Mike

    Probability is relevant only to those of us who read about it.

  • Irving Cryderman

    No one survives a wolf attack, any attack results in death.

  • Terry

    A friend of mine says, " If I have a rifle, they'll still be endangered"

  • S McLean

    I wrote a Magazine article re being attacked by 9 wolves, south of Hornepayne Ont. I shot one that was tracking up my trail, with another wolf, while 5 surrounded me from all sides and moved in. After shooting one, the rest ran off, for 20 minutes, then returned – they fled after shooting the 1st one to start up my trail – I was moose hunting at the time. I will no longer use any game scent when hunting!

  • Cam Jackson

    That's a very interesting story. And it's not the only one to come out of Ontairo. Do you have a link to the article? Thanks.

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