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New Mexico Gun Shop Holds Coyote Contest, Receives Backlash

by PH Online Editors   |  November 26th, 2012 6

As an unprotected species that residents are allowed to kill year round—deemed a nuisance and a pest for farmers—you wouldn’t expect much of an uproar when somebody decided to have a coyote killing contest.

But then you’d be wrong.

Gunhawk Firearms, of Los Lunas, New Mexico, announced that it would hold a contest in November for whoever brought in the most coyote carcasses, the prize being a high-end rifle. Since then owners said they have received death threats and backlash of various kinds, according to KRQE News. The FBI has even gotten involved in the matter, as owner Mark Chavez said numerous letters have targeted employees at Gunhawk and their families.

John Waters, an employee at Gunhawk, said the level of animosity leveled against the shop has been intense. Along with the 29,000 people who have signed a petition to end the contest, the gun shop has also received numerous threats of violence.

“Threatening us with explosives, burning down the shop, Molotov cocktails, and following you home to pick you off one by one,” Waters told KRQE about the recent threats he and others have received. “Ridiculous. That’s the best way to describe it.”

This is only the latest in an ongoing battle between hunters and their often virulent opponents, who have taken to Facebook and other outlets over a National Geographic TV show, a wolf hunt in Minnesota and a hound dog that was killed in 2012 in Wisconsin. With reports that the first annual Minnesota wolf hunt ended in 147 kills, the drama doesn’t appear to be on the downturn any time soon.

  • JON

    These so called rights actavist, and anti hunting groups have gotten way out of hand ,and they are the ones that
    need to be under scrutiny, thier acts of violance are illegal, and some even fall under terristic threats and should be dealt with accordingly.

  • Kenneth

    Amen to the above. Mark keep up the great work and don't get discouraged.

  • mrlucky

    I suppose that if any of the animal rights people were to let their little girl or son play out in the yard and a coyote were to attack and kill or drag the child away. They would say the poor coyote was probably just hungry.
    Those kind of people make me sick at my stomach.

  • John ODonnell

    Keep up the good work and let the hunt commence. Isnt it funny(maybe not the right word) how liberals are all for self expression as long as it agrees with them. ie Try to get a Make a Wish dream come true for a kid who wants to hunt. Terrorist threats and actions should further work to galvanize our ( your) efforts against all tyranny. Not too worry they all live in NYC of San Fran and to the a day outoors is a walk in daylight in Central Park before brunch. My neighbors in Vermont kept losing their small pets until a similar hunt took place and got the local pack down to size and installed a healthy fear of humans.

  • Dennis

    I agree with the above comments. I was wondering how they got the 29000 signatures. That is more than the population of the whole town. Obviously the activists have have a hand in getting the signatures. Maybe we need a petition to stop the petition.

  • Timkan

    Lets get scentific and have a biologist give the media the facts about coyotes and how many kills it takes to slow the popolation down. i've heard at least a 70% kill before you slow them down.

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