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Epic Road Trips: Great Plains Whitetails

by Michael Waddell 0

When it comes to big whitetails, guys always think of the Corn Belt: Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, and Kansas. Truth is,… more »


10 Best Days for Hunting in the Rut

by Mike Hanback 0

A good day to hunt whitetails this fall is any day you can get off work. But knowing that some… more »


8 Best Venison Marinades

by Hank Shaw 9

Perhaps the most common question I get about cooking venison is what marinades I use the most. The truth is,… more »

Giggles the Deer

Armed Wildlife Agents Kill Fawn in Animal Shelter Raid

by Dylan Polk 3

The actions of the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources in dealing with a whitetail fawn at a no-kill animal shelter… more »


TV Host Spook Spann Violates Probation; Gets Jail Time and Hunting Ban

by Eric Conn 6

The U.S. Attorney’s Office released a statement on July 31, 2013, stating TV host and celebrity hunter William “Spook” Spann… more »


20 Biggest Non-Typical Bucks of All Time

by PH Online Editors 0

As hunters let’s face it: we like big bucks and we cannot lie. The form, the mass, the natural beauty—what’s… more »


How to Design the Ultimate Scent-Free Deer Hunting Room

by Ben O'Brien 1

Every great idea has an inspiration. This one came last November when I was sitting in the kitchen at Copper’s… more »


20 Biggest Typical Whitetail Bucks of All Time

by PH Online Editors 2

Before there were deer hunting celebrities with their own TV shows, NASA-grade clothing to block scent or entire companies devoted… more »


Coyotes and Deer: Can These Predators Bring Down Mature Bucks?

by Ben O'Brien 1

They work in teams, pushing their prey into hopeless situations and baiting them into exhaustion. They rip flesh, tear throats,… more »


HUNTING’s Best Whitetail Draw States for 2013

by Doug Howlett 0

Ask most serious whitetail hunters which state boasts the best odds for taking a buck with true trophy potential and… more »

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