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This is the coolest giveaway we’ve ever put together. When Rock River, an Illinois-based AR manufacturer known for their LAR-15 series of rifles, came to us with a  proposal to give away a prototype AR in .308, we jumped at the chance.  In fact, at press time this rifle was one of only two in existence, and it was so new that Rock River had not yet officially given it a name.


But we didn’t stop there. In order to make this rifle the ultimate pig-hunting combo, we hooked it up with an EOTech holographic sight and attached a pretty sweet Wicked Hunting Lights light to the top rail. The finished product, as you can see, is one of a kind.
The new EOTech Extreme-XPS3 in tan looks pretty sleek matched up with the fixed operator stock on this package. The EXPS3 offers true two-eyes-open shooting, easy to adjust side buttons, including night vision compatibility, and a quick detach lever that couldn’t be  simpler. Couple that with Wicked’s ultra-bright W400 light, which can pretty much be attached anywhere using their various mounts and you’ve got a super adaptable hog hunting combo.

How do you win this package? Well, it’s simple. Come up with your ultimate argument for the best hog hunting cartridge in 200 words or less and state your case below.

The HUNTING editorial team will choose our favorite answer with the best reasoning on which caliber (old or new) is the most effective at killing feral hogs, and that fine reader will get the gun.