Help Hunting, Order PETA Stickers

Shotgun barrelIt sounds counterintuitive, but joining PETA may be the best thing you can do to save hunting — and your kids.

While doing some research, I stumbled on PETA kids the other day. Shocking, staggering, disgusting, sobering — call it what you want; if you thought PETA wasn't bad enough, check out what they are doing to brainwash your kids. Taken right out of the Big Tobacco Joe Camel marketing plan, PETA is creating a fun, safe, supportive place to completely fill your kids brains' with mounds and mounds of steaming horseshit.

Hate them as much as you wish, but you have to give them props for understanding the battle for your hunting rights is not going to be won — or lost — in the next few years; it will be a generational thing, and they are looking at the end game: your kids.

What can you do about it? For far too long, hunters have written PETA and their ilk off as extremists that really don't have any real impact on our lifestyle — they are wrong. Since their inception barely 30 years ago, they are now a multi-million dollar force to be reckoned with.

With a marketing budget over $30 million, it is hard to offset their negative impact to our sport, but there are some small steps you can take.

Start by signing up to get their free sticker pack.  They will send you a pack, which costs them at least a buck to produce and mail. Typical of their own pandering nature, they ask for donations to help off set the cost when you receive the sticker — of course, ignore that. Promptly throw the entire envelope, donation form and stickers away — or do as I did and use them as barrel stickers on your favorite shotgun. My "fur is murder" sticker gets a chuckle out of everyone I hunt with. Then pass this message on to everyone you know. With 13 million hunters helping out, we should be able to deplete their budget rather quickly and keep there insidious message from reaching kids.

P.S. Sending photos to PETA with a limit of greenheads and your new bedazzled PETA-sticker-gun may be over the top — but that is up to you. I did.

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