HUNTING's Best of the Dumbest Poacher Awards

Poaching: It's the most abhorrent crime against nature a human can commit, and being stewards and guardians of nature, something every hunter should condemn. After all, game laws are there for a reason—to maintain an ecological balance in our hunting grounds, maintaining steady wildlife populations and rich, clean environments, while ensuring all outdoorsmen are given equal and fair opportunities to make a clean, ethical kill.

Some, however, pay little regard to those laws and choose to do things their own way under the guise of hunting. Though not real hunters in any modern sense of the word, these outlaws nonetheless give the rest of us ethical hunters a bad rap.

So a while back, we at Petersen's Hunting started a semi-regular feature called the Dumbest Poacher Awards, in which we point out some of the more moronic, head-scratching moments in the illegal taking of game. From ignorance to outright greed, we've done our best to separate the lawbreakers from the rest of us just trying to legally put some organic meat in the freezer. Here are some of the highlights of the Dumbest Poacher Awards; while some may have been around before we started handing out awards, they are certainly deserving of a spot in our lowlight reel.

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