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The Perfect Saturday

by Mike Schoby

Saturdays in September are precious. They are not to be taken lightly. The hunting season is upon us, and every… more »


Last-Minute Opportunities to Hunt Western Big Game

by David Hart

So you didn’t draw that coveted trophy buck or bull tag you’ve been applying for. Disappointed? Don’t be. A number… more »


Dutch Oven Elk Chili

by David Draper

Few foods mark the beginning of fall hunting season as does a big pot of chili simmering away on the… more »


America’s Top 10 Big Game Cartridges

by Joseph von Benedikt

I hate to begin an article by apologizing. So I won’t. If you’re of sensitive nature and protective of your… more »


The Rise (and fall) Of The Whitetail Micro-Manager

by Jeff Johnston

My long-time buddy Skip was the landowner, and he was a gracious host everywhere but in the woods. When it… more »


It’s Time for a Pre-Season Freezer Cleanout

by David Draper

Hunting season is almost upon us. Smart hunters have spent the summer prepping for it. Legs and lungs are ready… more »


The Poor Man’s Bighorn

by Joseph von Benedikt

It was not huge, but the aoudad ram, standing a whisker over 500 yards away up a shockingly steep slope,… more »


It’s Time to Recruit More Hunters

by Mike Schoby

For hunters, September is the start of our season. The kickoff month to the big show. Of course, there is… more »


The Weatherby 6.5-300 Magnum

by Kevin E. Steele

The new 6.5-300 Weatherby Magnum is notable in a number of ways. It is the company’s first new cartridge introduction… more »


Sear in the Rear Venison Steaks & Savory Steakhouse Rub

by David Draper

Since the very first caveman roasted a slab of mammoth meat over a roaring fire, we’ve been grilling our wild-game… more »


Six Great Hunting Trips New Hunters Will Enjoy

by Brad Fitzpatrick

I’m fortunate to live in a part of the country where hunting is a widely accepted and popular pastime. It’s… more »


A Miss, a Muzzleloader and a Speed Goat

by Kali Parmley

I missed. I could see the dust settling behind the very confused speed goat that I had rudely awoken from… more »


6 Mistakes Hunters Make When Shooting Long Range

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Long-range hunting is all the rage right now, and that has raised the question of how far is too far… more »


Jason Aldean on His Life, Career, Music, and Hunting

by Hunting Online Staff

Jason Aldean’s day job is pretty noisy. Aldean’s life runs a mile a minute with screaming fans, his band, and… more »


A Dummies Guide To: Long-Range Hunting Bullets

by Joseph von Benedikt

In the beginning, man had a rock, and man was hungry. Then a club came along, and that helped. And… more »


Hugo’s Wild Hog Carnitas

by David Draper

On typical big-game hunts, it’s not often your guide wants you to keep shooting additional animals, but that’s just what… more »


Hunters Are Conservationists

by Mike Schoby

Recently, a debate was held by Intelligence Squared U.S. on the topic: Do hunters conserve wildlife? They asked if we… more »


Can Hunters and Non-Hunters Honor Shared Values?

by Tovar Cerulli

Sometimes the drama plays out on an international stage, as it did last summer with Cecil the lion in Zimbabwe…. more »


Remington Timeline: 1963 – Remington Model 1100 Autoloading Shotguns

by Hunting Online Staff

It was the fall of 1962, and a meeting was underway at the Remington firearms plant in Ilion, New York,… more »


Surviving Whitetails: A Guide for Westerners Headed East

by Joseph von Benedikt

I squatted in the “comfortable” box blind and tried to turtle my neck and limbs deeper into my clearly inadequate… more »