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I Went Hunting With a Girl

by David Faubion

“It won’t be easy,” I told her. “In fact, you’ll be cold, hot, tired, dirty and sweaty. Your muscles will… more »


Fred Eichler’s 5 ‘Musts’ of a Guided Elk Hunt

by Randy Hynes

Fulldraw Outfitters owner/operator, Fred Eichler, has guided hundreds of elk hunters in the pristine mountains of Colorado. With a success… more »


6 Examples Where Hunting Helped Preserve Wildlife

by Brad Fitzpatrick

In recent years regulated hunting has become a scapegoat for so-called conservation organizations. These groups often claim that hunting is… more »


How to Still-Hunt Bucks This Fall

by Jeff Johnston

A long sit the day prior revealed bucks were chasing heavily, but in the randomness of the rut, none ambled… more »


Camp Breakfast: Eggs in Purgatory

by David Draper

Camp breakfast usually comes in one of a few, standard forms: a cold, flatpack Danish, sticky instant oatmeal that sinks… more »


8 Great Youth Guns Designed for Growing Hunters

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Hunting is an invaluable tool for wildlife conservation, and if it is to remain then we must introduce a new… more »


How to Pack and Quarter Game Meat in the Field

by Joseph von Benedikt

When it comes time to get the edible parts off a game animal you’ve just dropped in wilderness country, throw… more »


Go West for Big Whitetails?

by Joseph von Benedikt

According to some statistics, 84 percent of hunters never leave their home states. That’s deplorable. It’s time to go somewhere… more »


How to Fix Your Bow in the Field

by Jeff Johnston

Central Montana Outfitter, Chad Schearer, spotted a 170-inch mule deer and sent his bow-hunter client on the stalk. The rolling landscape,… more »


How to Plan a DIY Antelope Hunt

by Joseph von Benedikt

Every non-Western hunter with Rocky Mountain aspirations fantasizes about bugling elk and alpine mule deer bucks. Nothing epitomizes Western hunting… more »


Steven Rinella: Why I Hunt

by Steven Rinella

One of the hardest things about being a hunter is trying to explain why I hunt. Whenever I attempt this,… more »


Protecting Our Image in the Digital Age

by Mike Schoby

What is the biggest driver of anti-hunting propaganda in recent years? HSUS? PETA? WWF? All good answers, but I would… more »


Backstrap with Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms

by Hank Shaw

The thing I love about this recipe is that it is malleable. You can adjust it depending on whatever you… more »


The 8 Toughest Animals to Hunt in North America

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Standing halfway up a steep, barren, winter-yellow slope in the Owyhee Mountains of southern Idaho I had to ask myself… more »


Craig Boddington’s Take on Hunting Dangerous Game

by Craig Boddington

I hope we all know that a plains game hunt in southern Africa constitutes the greatest value in the hunting… more »


Breaded and Fried Wild Hog Tenderloin

by David Draper

Midwesterners do two things really well: grow big bucks and cook wild hog. I discovered both of these on a… more »


Why You’re Missing Long Range Hunting Shots

by Brad Fitzpatrick

When it comes right down to it, there are quite a few factors that play into long range hunting. Success… more »


How to Train for the Toughest Shots in Hunting

by Craig Boddington

Let’s face it—big game animals present large target areas, so how is it that we miss? A big part of… more »


10 So-Called Dream Jobs vs. Harsh Reality

by David Draper

From the outside, any career in the outdoor industry looks like a dream job. However, the reality is often something… more »


Hornady: Three Generations of Bullet Making

by Joe Arterburn

On New Year’s Day in 1981, Jason Hornady’s mother, Cheryl, received a kidney transplant. With Cheryl still hospitalized, Jason’s father,… more »