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New Guns & Gear for 2015

Racing to your treestand could cost you a trophy buck—spook fewer deer by slowing your roll and hunt along the way.

Why You Should Hunt to Your Treestand

by Jeff Johnston

I don’t know how it  happened—perhaps the nap had something to do with it—but I was 30 minutes late for… more »


Women Hunters: Just Call Them Hunters

by David Hart

You can call Rachel VandeVoort lots of things, but don’t call her a woman hunter. And definitely don’t call her… more »


The Nonresident’s Guide to Planning an Elk Hunt

by Josh Dahlke

It’s a fair assumption that most of us are quick to put elk, among all the marvelous species at our… more »


Christensen Arms Model CA-10 DMR .308 Review

by Kyle Lamb

When my hunting partner Steve Bell and I decided to head back to Alaska in search of big moose, deciding… more »


10 ATV Accessories You Need Before Hunting Season

by Derrek Sigler

ATVs and UTVs are spectacular tools for hunting. In many ways they are like our trucks, in that there are… more »


HUNTING’s 2015 ATV Buyers Guide

by Derrek Sigler

For outdoor enthusiasts looking for a new ATV or UTV in 2015, the major manufacturers now have more new models… more »


Trophy Vs. Meat Hunting: Do You Hunt to Fill the Freezer or the Wall?

by Joseph von Benedikt & Mike Schoby

Trophy Hunting Every “meat hunter” is a closet trophy hunter. Many would have you believe otherwise, and some even openly… more »


How to Pack and Quarter Game Meat in the Field

by Joseph von Benedikt

When it comes time to get the edible parts off a game animal you’ve just dropped in wilderness country, throw… more »


Head-to-Head Review: Top Crossbows of 2015

by Keith Wood

Not many years ago, crossbows were seen as a novelty among hunters. You were more likely to see a crossbow… more »


Why Hunting Small Game Will Make You a Better Big Game Hunter

by Jeff Johnston

Trophy whitetail hunting can be a lonely place. Some of the most afflicted aren’t satisfied unless they arrow a 150-inch… more »


The Great Deer Decline: Are the Good Ol’ Days Over?

by David Hart

After spending much of the October bow season in a treestand last year, Mike Hicks started to get suspicious. Something… more »


Best Units for Hunting Western Mule Deer

by Josh Dahlke

My deer-hunting seeds were planted and nurtured as a youngster on my family’s small farm in central Minnesota, where I… more »


Pocket Power: Best Compact Rangefinders Right Now

by Keith Wood

The amount of technology that we incorporate into our daily lives is pretty overwhelming. As hunters, we often head outdoors… more »


Basic Shooting Positions Every Hunter Should Master

by Craig Boddington

There are numerous shooting aids on the market today from monopods to tripods to sandbags and complete gun cradles designed… more »


5 Reasons to Buy Your Hunting Rifle Now

by Brad Fitzpatrick

There is a select group of hunters that manage to harvest trophy animals year after year, and as an outdoor… more »


7 Timeless Tactics Every Hunter Should Master

by David Draper

Some hunting tactics transcend time. Regardless of how superior new hunting technology may be, there are some tactics that should… more »


Best Budget Riflescopes for 2015

by Keith Wood

Traditional wisdom tells us that the rule of choosing a good riflescope is to buy the most expensive one that… more »


Old vs. New: Have Modern Hunters Lost Their Skills?

by David Draper

In a world where boys can no longer be boys and pointing a finger on the playground gets a kid… more »


HUNTING’s 2015 Father’s Day Gift Guide

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Father’s day is getting close, and if you don’t have dad’s gift yet, don’t panic. We’ve compiled a list of… more »


Market Hunting: Could Game Meat Become Private Industry?

by David Hart

Earn-a-buck programs could have an entirely new meaning if a New Jersey legislator gets her way. Assemblywoman Caroline Casagrande (R-11)… more »