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Recipe: Carolina Gold Wild Hog Sandwich

by David Draper

There are two subjects sure to start a fistfight in hunting camps across the Southeast—football and barbecue. I’ll leave the… more »


How to Manage Game Meat in Your Freezer

by Steven Rinella

Responsible hunters should manage the contents of their freezers at least as carefully as they manage the contents of their gun… more »


Father’s Day Gifts for the Gear Savvy Hunter

by PH Online Editors

One look at dad’s accumulation of hunting gear and you’re likely to think he’s part owner of Cabela’s. While you… more »


Africa: Why Would Anyone Hunt There?

by Dwight Van Brunt

I don’t know where your journey began. Not exactly, anyway. It could have been while you were still at your… more »


When Should Hunters Shoot Does?

by Jeff Johnston

Recently, I’ve heard several well-intended friends proclaim I should take a bunch of does off my hunting property. Weird thing… more »


Recipe: Venison Jalapeño Country Sausage

by David Draper

Making savory venison sausage isn’t difficult. And while some might think the process of making sausage is time consuming and… more »


The Lost Art of Wild Game Sausage

by David Draper

Tubed meat gets a bad rap. Consider the much-maligned hot dog and its vile reputation as the endgame for pig… more »


Women Hunters: Just Call Them Hunters

by David Hart

You can call Rachel VandeVoort lots of things, but don’t call her a woman hunter. And definitely don’t call her… more »


The Biggest Bruins

by Craig Boddington

Perhaps the most infamous bear attack in recent years was the killing of Timothy Treadwell and his unfortunate companion, Amie… more »


Six Scrumptious Venison Marinade Recipes

by David Draper

A big chunk of venison backstrap needs little more than a pinch of sea salt and a few turns on… more »


Dummies Guide To: DIY Horseback Hunting

by Joseph von Benedikt

Many hunters don’t have the finances to spring for a guided horseback hunt in the West, but hunting elk or… more »


Castaway: Hunters Discover Hunting for Survival

by Simon K. Barr

Waves splashed around “The Verle Anne,” a leftover landing craft from the Falklands War. The well-trodden vessel rocked back and… more »


Lost and Alone: Could You Survive?

by Mike Schoby

I am worried about the next generation of hunters. They seem overly fascinated with technology while neglecting basic woodsmanship. Many… more »


20 Skills Every Hunter Should Know

by Craig Boddington, Dave Draper, Joseph Von Benedikt & Keith Wood

The quest to become an expert hunter is a path of learning that never really has an end. It’s not… more »


A Crossbow, a Turkey and a Double

by Kim Cahalan

It was time to try my luck with a crossbow. Being an avid bowhunter for the past decade had finally… more »


The Ultimate Mountain Rifle Test

by Keith Wood

Despite decades of evolution that led us to the useful all-around sporting rifles that most of us are familiar with,… more »


Female Hunters Past and Present Deserve Respect

by Craig Boddington

Some millennia back the human race emerged as omnivorous hunter-gatherers. We will never know what strapping young fellow developed the… more »


Live Debate: Are Hunters Conservationists?

by Randy Hynes

Until July 2015 few had even heard of Cecil the lion, but once the photos of the deceased lion spread… more »


10 Turkey Hunting Tips for the Desperate Beak Buster

by Doug Howlett

Turkey season, spring’s best game in town, is once again upon us. We start with high hopes, but I wonder… more »


Election Update: Trump Jr. Talks Turkey

by Mike Schoby

With spring turkey season in full swing I was packing my hunting gear and getting ready to head out when… more »