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New Guns & Gear for 2014


Understanding Treestand Trajectory for Bowhunters

by Jeff Johnston

The vast majority of Eastern bowhunters hunt from trees, but rarely do they practice from them. Before you ascend, it’s… more »


Deer Farms: Hunting’s Ticking Time Bomb

by David Hart

They have names like X-Factor, Rambo, Powerpoint, and Stonecold. They bear freakishly large, even grotesquely shaped, antlers, and they walk… more »


5 Great Customization Options for Your 10/22

by Dusty Gibson

The 10/22 is simply the ultimate aftermarket rifle. Replacement stocks and drop-in triggers highlight a wealth of custom options on… more »


Hunter Shaming is a Real Thing; Kendall Jones Won’t Be the Last Target

by Ben O'Brien

I sat at the bar in Dallas, Texas, a few months back, enjoying an adult beverage with a fellow hunter… more »


Boddington: Irrational Antis Reserve Special Hate for Women

by Craig Boddington

I’m starting to feel left out. Sure, I get occasional hate mail from outspoken antis. Some are really nasty, not… more »


How Ballistics Are Affected Out West

by Joseph von Benedikt

Some years ago my buddy Dave and I traveled from Illinois to hunt antelope on a high plateau in Southern… more »


Epic Road Trips: Great Plains Whitetails

by Michael Waddell

When it comes to big whitetails, guys always think of the Corn Belt: Iowa, Illinois, Ohio, and Kansas. Truth is,… more »


The Coolest Undercover .22s Ever Made

by PH Online Editors

Since the 16th century, attempts have been made to disguise firearms as other objects, and most of those clever devices… more »


Epic Road Trips: Western Big Game

by Mike Schoby

There are as many ways to tackle a Western big-game excursion as there are states. I’ve narrowed my road trip… more »


Mapping Technology for Hunters: How to Plan Your Next DIY Hunt

by Gordy J. Krahn

I’ve hunted prairie grouse, pheasants, waterfowl, and coyotes on the Fort Pierre National Grasslands and turkeys in the Black Hills… more »


The Golf Ball Method: How to Skin a Deer in Less Than Five Minutes

by Ben O'Brien

(Illustrations by Mike O’Brien) There are a lot of ways to skin a deer. Other than the presence of a… more »


Epic Hunting Road Trips: The Coyote Slam

by Tom Austin

The recipe for a successful coyote hunting road trip requires a few key ingredients. First, the plotted course must have… more »


.22 WMR Vs. .17 WSM: What’s the Best Rimfire Cartridge Right Now?

by Joseph von Benedikt & David Faubion

.22 WMR I won’t go as far as to belittle the, uh, little .17 Winchester Super Magnum. It’s a unique… more »


The Best Hunting Headlamps for 2014

by David Draper

Remember when head-mounted lights were only worn by coal miners and coon hunters (who were often one and the same… more »


5 Best .22 Rifles of All Time

by Craig Boddington

Almost all of us have at least one .22, and many of us have several. Back in 1979 when I… more »


10 Best Predator Cartridges Ever Made

by Keith Wood

Due to a decline in trapping and the banning of poisons, predator populations are at record highs in most areas…. more »


Hunting Crocs and Hippos on the Caprivi Strip

by Skip Knowles

My party was off chasing hippo deep in the Caprivi Strip and had sighted two pods by boat, following their… more »


Is PETA Winning the PR Battle?

by David Hart

It’s been said there’s a sucker born every minute. If the annual revenue of People for the Ethical Treatment of… more »


How to Draw Tags in the West

by Joseph von Benedikt

I want to hunt Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep so badly my teeth hurt. But did I put in to draw… more »


The Best Hunting ATVs & UTVs for 2014

by John Arens

There have been a lot of changes in the off-road world in the last five to ten years, and if… more »