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New Guns & Gear for 2015


3 Killer Setups for the Whitetail Rut

by Michael Waddell

Stop by your local hunter-friendly coffee shop anytime between October first and the end of the November and all anyone… more »


Avoiding the Dreaded Bone Sour

by Hank Shaw

At last! You’ve put an elk or a moose on the ground. It’s the culmination of months, sometimes years, of… more »


HUNTING Recipe: Elk Heart Stir-Fry

by Hank Shaw

Heart meat works really well with Chinese stir-fry because it’s dense enough to slice into uniformly small pieces and it… more »


Best Winter ATV Maintenance Tips

by Peter B. Mathiesen

Follow these simple maintenance tips to keep your ATV running strong even in the coldest temperatures I live in Alaska,… more »


6 Tips for Planning a Coues Deer Hunt

by Joseph von Benedikt

Coues deer are tiny, desert-dwelling siblings of the common whitetail. Properly, they are simply a subspecies, Odocoileus virginianus couesi, but… more »


Will Borrowed Ammo Shoot the Same?

by Keith Wood

You scrimped and saved for this hunt. You packed your lunch every day and worked overtime. You flew in yesterday… more »


When is the Best Time to Hunt a Stand?

by Jeff Johnston

When I asked a dozen random hunters whether they prefer morning or evening deer hunts, most replied that they prefer… more »


Species Spotlight: Caribou

by Craig Boddington

Santa’s reindeer and caribou are actually the same animal: Rangifer tarandus, a medium-sized deer that circumnavigates the globe in the northern… more »

new bows

Exciting New Bows for 2015

by Andrew VanLaningham & Eric Conn

Somehow, year after year, bows continue to get better. This season was no exception as the top archery brands pumped… more »

best elk cartridge

.300 Wby. Mag Vs. .375 H&H: What’s the Best Elk Cartridge?

by Joseph von Benedikt & Mike Schoby

.300 Weatherby Magnum If I had to choose one species—and only one—to hunt the rest of my life, it would… more »


7 Must-Have’s When Cooking Wild Game in the Field

by Hank Shaw

I travel a lot for hunting, fishing, and foraging, and often I’m called upon to do the cooking in camp… more »


Why You Should Plan A Western Hunting Trip Now

by David Hart

There are two two types of hunters: Those who can’t dream of a hunt out West and those who dream… more »


Species Spotlight: Rocky Mountain Bighorn

by Craig Boddington

The first bighorn ram I ever saw was on top of one of the highest points in Montana in a… more »

Racing to your treestand could cost you a trophy buck—spook fewer deer by slowing your roll and hunt along the way.

Why You Should Hunt to Your Treestand

by Jeff Johnston

I don’t know how it  happened—perhaps the nap had something to do with it—but I was 30 minutes late for… more »


Women Hunters: Just Call Them Hunters

by David Hart

You can call Rachel VandeVoort lots of things, but don’t call her a woman hunter. And definitely don’t call her… more »


The Nonresident’s Guide to Planning an Elk Hunt

by Josh Dahlke

It’s a fair assumption that most of us are quick to put elk, among all the marvelous species at our… more »


Christensen Arms Model CA-10 DMR .308 Review

by Kyle Lamb

When my hunting partner Steve Bell and I decided to head back to Alaska in search of big moose, deciding… more »


10 ATV Accessories You Need Before Hunting Season

by Derrek Sigler

ATVs and UTVs are spectacular tools for hunting. In many ways they are like our trucks, in that there are… more »


HUNTING’s 2015 ATV Buyers Guide

by Derrek Sigler

For outdoor enthusiasts looking for a new ATV or UTV in 2015, the major manufacturers now have more new models… more »


Trophy Vs. Meat Hunting: Do You Hunt to Fill the Freezer or the Wall?

by Joseph von Benedikt & Mike Schoby

Trophy Hunting Every “meat hunter” is a closet trophy hunter. Many would have you believe otherwise, and some even openly… more »