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6 Examples Where Hunting Helped Preserve Wildlife

by Brad Fitzpatrick

In recent years regulated hunting has become a scapegoat for so-called conservation organizations. These groups often claim that hunting is… more »


Why and How to Still-Hunt Bucks This Fall

by Jeff Johnston

A long sit the day prior revealed bucks were chasing heavily, but in the randomness of the rut, none ambled… more »


Camp Breakfast: Eggs in Purgatory

by David Draper

Camp breakfast usually comes in one of a few, standard forms: a cold, flatpack Danish, sticky instant oatmeal that sinks… more »


8 Great Youth Guns Designed for Growing Hunters

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Hunting is an invaluable tool for wildlife conservation, and if it is to remain then we must introduce a new… more »


How to Pack and Quarter Game Meat in the Field

by Joseph von Benedikt

When it comes time to get the edible parts off a game animal you’ve just dropped in wilderness country, throw… more »


Go West for Big Whitetails?

by Joseph von Benedikt

According to some statistics, 84 percent of hunters never leave their home states. That’s deplorable. It’s time to go somewhere… more »


How to Fix Your Bow in the Field

by Jeff Johnston

Central Montana Outfitter, Chad Schearer, spotted a 170-inch mule deer and sent his bow-hunter client on the stalk. The rolling landscape,… more »


How to Plan a DIY Antelope Hunt

by Joseph von Benedikt

Every non-Western hunter with Rocky Mountain aspirations fantasizes about bugling elk and alpine mule deer bucks. Nothing epitomizes Western hunting… more »


Steven Rinella: Why I Hunt

by Steven Rinella

One of the hardest things about being a hunter is trying to explain why I hunt. Whenever I attempt this,… more »


Protecting Our Image in the Digital Age

by Mike Schoby

What is the biggest driver of anti-hunting propaganda in recent years? HSUS? PETA? WWF? All good answers, but I would… more »


Backstrap with Caramelized Onions and Mushrooms

by Hank Shaw

The thing I love about this recipe is that it is malleable. You can adjust it depending on whatever you… more »


The 8 Toughest Animals to Hunt in North America

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Standing halfway up a steep, barren, winter-yellow slope in the Owyhee Mountains of southern Idaho I had to ask myself… more »


Craig Boddington’s Take on Hunting Dangerous Game

by Craig Boddington

I hope we all know that a plains game hunt in southern Africa constitutes the greatest value in the hunting… more »


Breaded and Fried Wild Hog Tenderloin

by David Draper

Midwesterners do two things really well: grow big bucks and cook wild hog. I discovered both of these on a… more »


Why You’re Missing Long Range Hunting Shots

by Brad Fitzpatrick

When it comes right down to it, there are quite a few factors that play into long range hunting. Success… more »


How to Train for the Toughest Shots in Hunting

by Craig Boddington

Let’s face it—big game animals present large target areas, so how is it that we miss? A big part of… more »


10 So-Called Dream Jobs vs. Harsh Reality

by David Draper

From the outside, any career in the outdoor industry looks like a dream job. However, the reality is often something… more »


Hornady: Three Generations of Bullet Making

by Joe Arterburn

On New Year’s Day in 1981, Jason Hornady’s mother, Cheryl, received a kidney transplant. With Cheryl still hospitalized, Jason’s father,… more »


Kid Rock Talks Guns, Hunting and Rock ‘n’ Roll

by Ben OBrien

His real name is Robert Ritchie. Which sounds normal enough. And if you ever make it down to Pike County,… more »


5 Adventure Hunts Anyone Can Afford

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Regardless of when the hunting season in your home state officially closes your mind is probably on pursuing game year… more »