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Petersen's Hunting Videos

Bowhunter adjusting sight

Does Your Bow Sight Need Third-Axis Adjustability?

by Jeff Johnston

If you’re a bowhunter and you’ve done some reading up, you’ve probably heard the phrase “third-axis adjustment.” It’s a term… more »

Hunter in Huntworth camo

Affordable Hunting Apparel for 2018

by Kali Parmley

Huntworth Huntworth understands the budget-minded hunter who requires dependable gear. The Men’s Bonded Jacket features a double layer of velvety,… more »

Caribou Rack

The Decline in Caribou Numbers and Hunting Opportunity

by Craig Boddington

Overall numbers have dwindled, but hunting opportunities still abound. Autumn 2017 marked the final season for caribou hunting in northern… more »

Joseph Von Benedikt with whitetail buck

Tested: Browning X-Bolt Pro

by Joseph von Benedikt

Could this be Browning’s best bolt-action big-game rifle ever? Imagine you’re strolling along a wilderness canyon bottom, sleepy enough in… more »

Craig Boddington with Coues Deer

A Coues Deer Hunt in Mexico

by Craig Boddington

Chasing the Gray Ghost South of the Border January’s darkness still cloaked the ridges of Sonora’s Sierra Madres when we… more »


2018 Head-to-Head Crossbow Test

by Keith Wood

Modern crossbows deliver ultimate performance–but which reigns supreme? There is no longer an argument on whether a crossbow fits into… more »


Dandy Dozen: High-Energy Snacks for Deer Hunters

by Lynn Burkhead

One of these snack options can go a long ways toward keeping your mind sharp and your attention focused as… more »


Extend Your Range with the Burris Eliminator III

by Brad Fitzpatrick

Whether you shoot rimfire, muzzleloader, slug guns or centerfire, the Eliminator III can help you stay on target out to… more »

Darron McDougal with mule deer

How to Build a Deadly 200-Yard Muzzleloader

by Darron McDougal

When a monster buck poses broadside two football fields away, will your gun be up to the challenge? Two whitetails… more »

Grizzly Bear walking

Judge Temporarily Halts Wyoming, Idaho Grizzly Hunt

by David Hart

A federal judge in Montana placed a temporary restraining order on planned hunts for grizzly bears in the Greater Yellowstone… more »

Burris scope on rifle

Hunting Optics Guide: How to Match Scopes with Rifles

by Phil Massaro

Between the development of the modern premium projectile and the undeniable improvements in optics, there is no doubt we hunters… more »

Steve Baxter shooting

Frontier Culture: The Last of the Leatherstockings

by Joseph von Benedikt

All outdoorsmen dream of the frontier. A few still live it. Frost Blanketed the Fort Bridger, Wyoming, landscape, and tendrils… more »

Yamaha Wolverine X4

2018 UTV Buyer’s Guide

by Derrek Sigler

The newest offerings for off-road enthusiasts When it comes to motorized transportation in wild places, nothing really is close to… more »

Big game hunter

Get the Best Out of Your Bolt Action Rifle

by Joseph von Benedikt

Follow these steps to access the extraordinary performance hidden in bolt-action rifles. A century ago American doughboys were experiencing the… more »

Big bore hunting cartridges

Big Bore Hunting Cartridges for the Biggest Wild Game

by Phil Massaro

When it comes to hunting truly big game – game that can and will turn the tables and make you… more »

Emily Kantner with Axis Buck

Can You Call in Axis Deer?

by Emily Kantner

Is calling an effective tactic for hunting axis deer? My freezer full of axis steaks says it is. We touched… more »

Steiner H4Xi Rifle Scope

Steiner H4Xi Rifle Scope

by Brad Fitzpatrick

With incredible light gathering potential, a versatile reticle and precision-ground German glass, the Steiner H4Xi should be on the top… more »

Benelli SBE 3 in the field

Tested: Benelli Super Black Eagle 3

by David Draper

The third generation SBE is more reliable than ever. Waterfowlers are notoriously loyal—to their home waters, their preferred brand of… more »

Classic rifle cartridges

4 Lost Classic Hunting Rifle Cartridges

by Phil Massaro

We have had many new cartridge designs in the last three decades, from the revival if the .416-inch bore in… more »


Tips for Tackling Your Next Spot And Stalk

by Tony J. Peterson

Eating up miles of western landscape on foot can lead to big-game opportunities If you want to be consistently successful… more »