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New Guns & Gear for 2015


.270 Vs. .257: What’s the Best Whitetail Caliber?

by Joseph von Benedikt & Mike Schoby

.270 Winchester Being a Western guy, I have psychological issues with choosing the best caliber for just one species. Me,… more »


Cooking a Rutting Buck

by Hank Shaw

A huge bull or monster buck walks out, perfectly broadside, and in range. Maybe you’ve waited years for this moment, or… more »


Petersen’s Hunting 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

by PH Online Editors

If you’re wanting to impress your hunter this holiday season, then give them quality gear that will make an impression next hunting season…. more »


HUNTING Recipe: Duck Dressing

by Hank Shaw

Thanksgiving is for turkeys, hopefully wild turkeys. But that doesn’t mean you can’t also serve ducks or geese for the… more »


Best Upland Hunting Gear for 2015

by David Hart

From the wide open spaces of sharptail grouse country to the tight, thick quarters of bobwhite habitat, America offers a… more »


The Living Legend: New Mauser 98

by Mike Lunenschloss

Rich Grozik, author of the book Game Guns, believes “we do not own fine guns, we are only their curator… more »


2015 Trail Camera Test

by Keith Wood

Few products have changed how we hunt, particularly whitetail deer, the way the trail camera has. Trail cameras allow us… more »


Basic Shooting Positions Every Hunter Should Master

by Craig Boddington

There are numerous shooting aids on the market today from monopods to tripods to sandbags and complete gun cradles designed… more »


Locating Bucks During the Mule Deer Rut

by Joseph von Benedikt

It’s a beautiful thing when testosterone kicks in and gnarly old mulie bucks quit thinking. Nocturnal monarchs strut around in… more »


2015 Western Upland Game Planner

by David Draper

Out West, big game gets all the glory, but the left half of the country offers an unbelievable array of… more »


HUNTING Recipe: Grouse Fried Rice

by Hank Shaw

If you’ve never eaten fried rice, chances are you’ve been living under a rock or above the Arctic Circle. It’s… more »


Big Buck Blunders

by Jeff Johnston

Have you ever lost sleep over a tall-tined monster you had dead-to-rights moments before he hightailed out of your life?… more »


Rocky Mountain Redemption: Part 2

by Keith Wood

To see how this journey began, check out Rocky Mountain Redemption: Part 1. We return now to where this story… more »


Tree Stand Vs. Ground Blind: What’s Best for Whitetail?

by Joseph von Benedikt & Mike Schoby

TREE STAND vs. Ground Blind Ground blinds encourage sloppy hunting. There. I’ve said it. Comfy blinds make hunters believe they can… more »


Rocky Mountain Redemption: Part 1

by Keith Wood

“There he is,” D’Arcy whispered as we caught a glimpse of the buck across the rolling sage. We squatted in… more »


3 Killer Setups for the Whitetail Rut

by Michael Waddell

Stop by your local hunter-friendly coffee shop anytime between October first and the end of the November and all anyone… more »


Avoiding the Dreaded Bone Sour

by Hank Shaw

At last! You’ve put an elk or a moose on the ground. It’s the culmination of months, sometimes years, of… more »


HUNTING Recipe: Elk Heart Stir-Fry

by Hank Shaw

Heart meat works really well with Chinese stir-fry because it’s dense enough to slice into uniformly small pieces and it… more »


Best Winter ATV Maintenance Tips

by Peter B. Mathiesen

Follow these simple maintenance tips to keep your ATV running strong even in the coldest temperatures I live in Alaska,… more »


6 Tips for Planning a Coues Deer Hunt

by Joseph von Benedikt

Coues deer are tiny, desert-dwelling siblings of the common whitetail. Properly, they are simply a subspecies, Odocoileus virginianus couesi, but… more »