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How to Choose the Perfect Bear Rifle

by Joseph von Benedikt

Are you more likely to shoot a black bear over bait from a treestand hung halfway up a giant old… more »


The Ultimate Hunting Trailers

by Mike Schoby

I have never felt that camping trailers—at least the “house on wheels” variety that most people think of when you… more »


Blades of Steel: Nate Runals’ Custom Knives

by Ben O'Brien

Some things are just easier to accomplish with a hammer and an anvil. It’s a simple notion for sure, but… more »


Cabela’s Big Game Hunter: Pro Hunts Review

by Andrew Vanlaningham

There I was, sitting in a treestand just on the edge of a cornfield with pro hunter Wade Middleton. We… more »


Grills Gone Wild: Hottest Grills on the Market

by David Draper

Sure, cooking over an open fire is a romantic notion, one that resonates deep in our medulla oblongata. But the… more »


Clear Objectives: 5 Great Vodkas for Cold Winter Days

by Skip Knowles

The term “vodka” is derived from “voda,” the Russian word for water. That’s why it’s also the only liquor historically… more »


Boddington: Hunting Water Buffalo in Australia

by Craig Boddington

On the first afternoon, we came to a broad floodplain stretching away into heat waves and mirage. Somewhere beyond lay… more »


Why Coyote Contests Are Good for Hunting

by Joseph von Benedikt

When the long nights and winter snows have settled across North America and big-game seasons close one after another, predator… more »


5 Great Gun Racks for Your Vehicle

by Mike Schoby

Forget the rubber-coated metal rear-window pickup racks of yesteryear that would scratch the stock of a fine gun and rattle… more »


The Best Predator Ammo for 2014

by Tom Austin

It’s no secret that ammo for your favorite predator or varmint rifle has been difficult—and oftentimes impossible—to obtain. Believe it… more »


9 More Deadly Sins of Outdoor TV

by Mike Schoby

In the November issue I ranted about Outdoor TV. It was going to be a one-off piece, but then the… more »

Why Anti-Hunters Are Dead Wrong About Wolves

Why Anti-Hunters Are Dead Wrong About Wolves

by David Hart

Things were pretty good the first year Drew Johnson and a group of friends hunted elk in Montana’s Gallatin National… more »


The Bullpup Predator: Steyr AUG/A3 Review

by Mike Schoby

AR-15s have officially been accepted as the rifle du jour for coyote hunters. And for good reason. They are accurate,… more »


A Virginia Hunter’s Open Letter to Those Who Support the Sunday Hunting Ban

by Matt O'Brien

It started in 1990 with a single breach barrel New England Firearm shotgun that probably cost me about $80. It… more »

Versus: The Best Coyote Caliber

.22-250 Vs. .223: What’s The Best Coyote Cartridge?

by Joseph von Benedikt & David Faubion

.22-250 A rodent cartridge is invading Coyoteville. Due to the popularity of the AR-15 rifle and the fast stream of… more »


Read & React: Virginia to Repeal Sunday Hunting Ban

by David Hart

It looks like Virginia is on the verge of stepping into the 21st century. Barring any last-minute underhanded attempts by… more »


Read & React: Idaho Fish and Game Seeks to Lower the Age Limit for Youth Hunters

by David Hart

If the Idaho Fish and Game Department gets its way, 10-year-olds would be allowed to hunt elk, deer, wolves and… more »


Head-to-Head Review: The Ultimate Predator Rifle

by Keith Wood

With this rise in popularity of predator hunting across the country, the “Ultimate Predator Rifle” debate has ramped up in… more »


What the Recently Approved 2014 Farm Bill Means for Hunters

by David Hart

After nearly three years of partisan wrangling, the House Agriculture Committee came to an agreement on the 2014 Farm Bill… more »


TV Host Steve Rinella Gets Charged by Moose

by PH Online Editors

Think moose charges aren’t a big deal? Ask TV host Steve Rinella what he thinks and you might get a… more »