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Bear Saves Hiker from Mountain Lion Attack

by Dylan Polk   |  April 2nd, 2012 11
American Black Bear

Hiker's vigilant protector.

We don’t expect humans to be bears’ best friends. After all, hunts like this don’t exactly say, “Let’s be friends!” so much as it does, “We’re having bear burgers tonight!”

Regardless of any interspecies animosity, one California hiker insists a bear saved him from a mountain lion attack.

According to Yahoo! News, Robert Biggs, 69, of Paradise, Calif., was attacked by a cougar while hiking last Monday, but luckily for him, a nearby mama bear came to his rescue, fighting off the pesky puma while Biggs made his escape.

Biggs said the mountain lion tried going for his head, but instead grabbed his backpack, which was pulled over his head. Biggs said earlier he had seen the bear and her two cubs nearby, and because the cougar was likely stalking the cubs, Mama decided to strike. The two predators battled for about 15 seconds, Biggs said, before both retreated into the woods.

Biggs escaped with minor injuries — and one hell of a story to tell.

  • Jeff

    Its a nice thought that a bear would protect a human, but, I feel that the mama bear feared more for her cubs with the cat around than the human and chose to attack the cat. Had the cat not been near and this hiker had gotten between the mama and cubs she would have attacked him. The bear is still a wild animal. I am glad however that all turned out well and all parties involved lived to see another day. The lord moves in mysterious ways.

  • Pete

    Better him than me. I would have been stuck trying to explain why I shot both of them!

    • phillip

      its the people's republik of kalifornia, if you had shot both animals you would have been charged with 2 counts of murder, 2 counts use of illegal firearms, 2 counts use of illegal ammo, 1 count illegally carrying a concealed weapon, 2 counts illegally using a firearm, 2 counts illegally discharging a firearm, 2 counts illegally taking game, making cubs orphans im sure is illegal too it is kalifornia, 4 counts of destroying state propertyand if you had a knife throw that in as illegal too….it is kalifornia after all :D

  • John


  • mike murata

    in the last issue, there was a classified ad for a taxidermist instructor. I thot I'd finished the magazine before I set it out to circulate in our condo's "lending library". Could you send me a scan of the ad? or the contact number in the ad? Mahalo

  • Michael C.

    Lets not fail to remember that big cats are protected in California.I had a similar incident with a Mountain Lion just North West of Lone Pine.I fired my 41 mag in the direction to scare it away. When I was telling this event in a local bar, I was engaged in a verbal arguement with a man and two ladies. You would of thought I shot a cub and its mother the way they jumped in my face. People do not realize California is overpopulated with Mountain Lions. Why are they protected at this time. All I know is I will shoot first and take my chances with Fish and Game or whatever Agency takes issue with my actions. Michael C. Palm Springs CA.

  • jp338

    Lucky guy. Especially since it appears this hiker was unarmed. When I lived in Alaska and I ventured out of the city and off the pavement, I always took along a rifle with adequate power for a worst case scenario. Since most of the time I hiked or hunted in brown bear country, this meant taking along my .338 WM. These days, animals that can do you damage are in close proximity to cities and even venture into populated areas on a regular basis. In a state like CA, which for some reason prefers to protect dangerous animals over its citizens, it is always a good choice to carry some legal protection, in whatever form is allowed, when off the beaten path or even when hiking on trails close to or in the cities. Animals aren't the only thing hikers need to protect themselves from.

    • paul wood

      Agreed, venturing out in the boonies with no firearm is like not having a cell phone, a spare tire and AAA towing insurance on the roadway. Human critters are a threat as well and you are the only first responder available. Paradise, CA is in the outback. Even with 25,000 population, it is in the woods and has critters of many type within it's boundaries to include bear and cougar.

  • John

    Good post until the last, ridiculous sentence.

  • Andy Smith

    I thought Bear Grylls saved him. Silly me…..

  • Jack Monette

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