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California Senate Passes Bogus Anti-Hunting Bill

by PH Online Editors   |  May 24th, 2012 11

Leave it to California to go after hunting.

Just a few months after state officials publicly chastised Fish and Game Commission president Daniel Richards for his participation in a legal cougar hunt in Idaho, on Tuesday the California Senate passed Senate Bill 1221, which if signed into law, would ban the use of hounds to hunt bears and bobcats.

And who would sponsor this bogus piece of legislation but the Humane Society of the United States (HSUS), who rank way down there with PETA on our list of favorite organizations.

HSUS, which unsuccessfully lobbied for Richards’ resignation, apparently won the California legislature over with facts that were less than true — in other words, lies.

Evan Heusinkveld, director of the state services for the U.S. Sportsmen’s Alliance, tweeted the following messages:

Apparently facts don’t matter, though, as the bill passed the Senate 22-15, meaning it will now move on to the state assembly. Hopefully, there will be a few more folks there more willing to listen to facts rather than weak, pathos-driven arguments.

How can sportsmen ensure the future of hound hunting in California? Take the poll at Sportsmen Vote!

  • Larry

    Pathetic, if a conservative doesn't wnat to use a dog in bear hunting he doesn't, if a liberal doen't he trys to out law it for everyone, if a conservative doesn't want a gun in his home he doesn't have one if a lberal feels the same he trys to out law it for everyone. If a conservative doesn't want to smoke he doesn't if a liberal doesn't he makes sure no one can even though it is perfectly legal. If a conservative doesn't want to own an electric car he doesn't buy one while the liberals try to force everyone to have to buy one, tha list goes on and on and on. Conservatives are for personal responsibilty the liberals are for government control over every aspect of our lives. We are now at this time in our country i the fight of our lives BIG GOVERNMENT CONTROL OVER EVERYTHING or SELF RELIANCE AND PERSONAL FREEDOM.

    • Mike

      Well put Larry.

      Mike CA

  • Tavi

    Nicely summarized Larry.

  • Jake Gleason

    Well said Larry. Democracy or Dictatorship. You choose.

  • John ODonnell

    Liberals? In name only. They are not so liberal if you dont agree with them. They think they are so smart that they know what is good for you. Even if they are wrong. They re=introduce the wolf where it wasnt wanted and they litigate from a courtroom in San Francisco with no concern about the existing wildlife or farming communities that the wolf impacts, They know better. God forbid you disagree with them. You are then cruel and mean spirited. Hunters and conservationists do more for the environment and the balance of nature by accident than these groups do on purpose. They have no intrest in the welfare of wild and domestic animals they just want their agenda to prevail and remain in power.

  • Williecmo

    I support water-boarding for liars. Let's pass that one.

  • chuck

    we in cali have legislature that has way to much time on their hands so they bs new laws to make noise about their donothing jobs to justify them we need to change job from fulltime to part time

  • HTC

    Doesn't California have a huge budget problem right now that is much more important than passing new laws about hunting?

  • G. Warden

    These extremist groups are just getting warmed up, They have an old friend Jerry "moonbeam" Brown and they are thrilled at what they might pass. They have shut down 42 U.S.F.S roads for a federal lawsuit in El Dorado County and have posioned hundreds of lakes for the Yellow Legged Frog to kill the trout. They use lawsuits for anything and everything and don't care about the issue ony the banning of others activites. This welafare state IS ABOUT DONE, anyone I know that can is leaving.

  • Simon T.

    I lived in California for 28 years. I left 17 years ago because the hand-writing was on the wall.

    Left to their own idiotic marxist ideas, they'll implode.

    I just pray DC does NOT send them any money to bail them out.

    • Mikel D

      DC can send me some money so I can move out. been here for 60 yrs. liberal pieces of s$&t.

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