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Massachusetts Man Gored by Bison at Yellowstone

by PH Online Editors   |  June 27th, 2012 12

YellowstonebuffaloA Massachusetts man visiting Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming learned the hard way why you shouldn’t get too close to wild animals after being gored and tossed by a bison.

According to the Yellowstone Gate, the man, who was not identified by park rangers, was tossed nearly 10 feet in the air by an advancing bull bison and pinned to the ground while visiting the national park Saturday, suffering a broken collarbone, a broken shoulder blade, several broken ribs and a groin injury.

According to the park officials, the man refused to move from where he was sitting while the bison was approaching just a few feet away from him. Officials say the man was not taunting the animal.

After the attack, the man, who is in his mid-50s, was flown to a hospital in Idaho Falls, Idaho, where he is expected to recover.

Though it is considered uncommon for bison to gore or trample visitors, park officials said it was the first such attack in nearly two years.

Animals like bison may seem docile compared to others, like cougars or grizzly bears, but every wild animal has a temper, and when one the size of a bull bison is nearby, you’d better create some space.

Here’s hoping the victim makes a speedy recovery. In the meantime, we hope other visitors respect the power of these animals and the damage they can do.

  • Hoosier Hunter

    I bet that was wicked painful!

  • ggray19

    Safe to say, the man was Buffaloed, while the Bison… wasn't?

  • Sam

    Hate to see anyone get hurt, but really! What a MORON!!!!! Try the billy badass act in a bar, not with a Bull Bison!!!!

  • Louie

    An idiot plain and simple!!!!

  • Chris

    was at Yellowstone in '06 and watched idiots trying to get "better"pictures of the wildlife, the rangers were constantly warning morons to back off, I think the best was 4 fools walking among a herd of elk cows with calfs!!! Hope the bison wasn't destroyed ,,,,,,remember, idiots like this actually breed out there,,,,,

  • Ron

    I am so happy to see that "stupidity" is still painful.

  • Sherman

    There needs to be a warning sticker placed on all wildlife informing people of the dangers of getting too close to such deceptively sweet looking creatures. The same people that stand on the top rung of a ladder and stick their head in a bucket of water need protection. Who else will run for Congress?

  • steve mccabe

    never turn your back on a bisson!!!

  • scott

    I say remove ALL warning labels, and soon the problem will take care of itself. My wife and I call this "self-Darwinization", after the Darwin Awards.

  • Christine

    My husband & I went to Yellowstone/Grand tetons a few years ago. We were AMAZED at how many people actually jumped out of their cars while buffalo walked right passed them-just to get a better picture! This is their home…..they just let us visit. The parks do a great job of warning people. They have signs everywhere telling visitors to stay far away from the wildlife. Although I'm glad that this man wasn't killed, I dont blame the animal.

  • OKHunter

    One less in the gene pool. Stupid is as stupid does.

  • Doramin

    There's a great clip on YouTube where a motorized photo safari practically assaults a herd of elephants in a South African game park. It's jaw-dropping. There are like eight vehicles roaring around the elephants, raising dust and scaring the young'uns–who hide behind their mothers–finally one idiot driver actually bumps into a calf.

    That does it. A group of cows surround the vehicle and give it a quick redecorating. I was amazed at their restraint. They could, of course, have flipped the (visibly overloaded) Land-Rover and hauled out and stomped everyone inside.

    This was clearly a case of a less-than-scrupulous operator hiring village idiots for drivers and not bothering to train and supervise them properly, but on the whole I was shocked that they thought they harass wild animals like that and get away with it.

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