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Illegal Hunters Rescued by Wildlife Agents, Win ‘Little Help?’ Award

by PH Online Editors 0

Choosing to break game laws is bad enough in itself. Having to call for help from the people paid to… more »

Travis McFatter

Buddies Share Poaching Photos, Win “Social Media Morons” Award

by Dylan Polk 0

We’re no strangers to people acting like morons online. Just putting a keyboard in front of someone is enough to… more »


Bayou Boys Poach Iowa Bucks; Win “Road Trip!” Award

by Dylan Polk 0

We outdoor writers know more than anyone how far some folks will go to bring home a trophy. If our… more »


Park Ranger Guilty of Poaching Keeps Job; Wins “You’re Fired!” Award

by Eric Conn 1

Last week, Colorado Parks and Wildlife demoted one of its employees from the field as a law enforcement officer to… more »


Washington Poaching Ring Busted; Wins “Off With Your Head” Award

by Eric Conn 0

Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife officials appear to have solved the “case of the headless bucks.” After months… more »

Indiana Road Poacher Sentenced; Wins “Stupidest Question of the Year” Award

by Eric Conn 0

There are no stupid questions. We’ve all probably heard your mother utter this phrase at some point. Unfortunately, it seems… more »


Leaking Blood Lands Dumb Duo the Holy Schnikes! Award

by PH Online Editors 0

Behind hurting or killing yourself or a hunting partner and breaking game laws, wounding an animal instead of making a… more »


Washington Poachers Arrested, Win “Manifold Morons” Award

by PH Online Editors 8

It’s not just that two men from Washington poached an elk on private property—it’s that they returned a week later… more »

Fair Chase Guide Guilty of Poaching, Wins “Captain of Irony” Award

by PH Online Editors 0

There’s irony, and then there’s irony. For 76-year-old Joe Norbert Hendricks, a 38-year veteran hunting guide from Alaska, that irony… more »

Poachers Shot at by Landowner, Win “Is This Still On?” Award

by PH Online Editors 0

We’ve seen a lot of bizarre stories come across our screens, but this tall tale from Texas has to rank… more »

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