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Redneck Moments

Honey Boo Boo Style: The Ultimate Redneck Wedding

by Eric Conn   |  May 7th, 2013 0

Nothing says “trashy redneck” like the TV show Here Comes Honey Boo Boo. With a cast of characters like Mama June, Sugar Bear, Pumpkin, Chicadee and Chubbs—all centered around Honey Boo Boo’s little miss pageant lifestyle—this show is truly cringe-worthy material.

That didn’t stop Mama June, however, from publicizing her latest stunt via People Magazine, a wedding ceremony replete with camo dresses, blaze orange vests for the men and Honey Boo Boo herself in a pink princess getup. If you suddenly feel sick to your stomach, you’re not alone.

Mama June told People she exchanged vows with Honey Boo Boo’s dad, Sugar Bear, though it’s unclear whether it was a vow renewal service or an official wedding. In epic redneck fashion, Mama June also said she met Sugar Bear in an online chat room 9 years ago.

Mama June told People, “We stayed true to our roots and made the focus on the family and my commitment to Sugar Bear.”

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