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10 Surprising Pro-Hunting Celebrities

by PH Online Editors   |  June 13th, 2012 33

Let’s be honest — Hollywood isn’t exactly best friends with the hunting community. We learned that lesson the hard way after the media viciously attacked Donald Trump’s sons for their (completely legal and ethical) African safari. With many actors and actresses donating time and money to groups like PETA, it’s pretty hard to find a outdoors-friendly face in movies and television. Luckily, there are quite a few celebrities — actors, athletes and so forth — who still embrace the hunting lifestyle, some you probably would never have thought of. In the grand tradition of celebrities giving PETA the middle finger, here are eight surprisingly pro-hunting celebrities.

  • gary bruce

    Well i`m not much of a hollywood fan but these 10 people have all moved up a notch or two in my book.

  • thehousedad

    Malone's cabin is near my uncle's house. He used to come over to go fishing. Tons of respect for him.

  • Seth

    it's great to see that more and more people are "coming out of the closet" about loving guns and hunting.

    • exposed

      You are acquainting hunting with homosexuality?

  • Steve

    Longoria's position seems at odds with the fact that she is an Obama campaign co-chair.

    • Ford

      How so? I wasn't aware Obama opposed hunting. Besides, anti-hunting campaigns are driven by the animal rights industry, which makes its profits using lies, misinformation, staged "evidence" and even hate speech to exploit innocent working people: farmers, fishermen, fur producers, pet breeders. As such, opposition to the whole animal rights agenda is a social justice imperative and a liberal responsibility. No true liberal can accept the exploitation of innocent workers for profit. Anyone who claims to be a liberal but supports companies like PETA, Sea Shepherd, HSUS, Mercy for Animals, and a whole lot more is a hypocrite who is only pretending to be liberal for the cachet it brings.

  • Dave Hood

    Too bad that Longoria is such an Obama supporter

  • Jeff Campbell

    Kind of odd that many of these folks support Obama when Obama really has a strong desire to ban all firearms, oh wait a minute, I forgot, Obama only wants to ban guns from real people and not political and hollywood elitists.

  • Bryan

    Longoria is a BIG supporter of the Brady Campaign!

  • bob

    Oops on Karl Malone comment a cabin in Alaska gets him close to "ELK" not really any there ??

    • paul

      actually there are elk in Alaska – roosevelt elk on several of the islands

  • John

    I'm not sure why we should give kudo's to Brokaw. I hunt near the his ranch on the Boulder River in MT. If by calling the ranch which is in prime elk and deer hunting country a preserve, you mean that he doesn't allow any hunting or fishing, then you are correct. But of course this prevents the game herds from being properly managed by the state's FW&P biologists. We have lots of rich, *%#holes that have bought land here in MT that they rarely set foot upon but that they won't allow others access to for hunting or fishing. We don't, however, praise them as "Pro-Hunting" because that they certainly are not.

  • Mka

    I as a combat wounded member of the 101st airborne,Vietnam era would like an answer.
    There are many articles that state Ted Nugent soiled his clothes with human waste (his )own)
    for two weeks before going to the draft board in his soiled outfit. If this is not true then he needs to come out with the real story. I can assure you no veterans and few draft dodgers would have resorted to such imbecilic
    filth as this. Come clean Ted,give us the story.

  • FillB

    Karl Malone isn't exactly a surprise. I'd love to bird hunt with Adam West.

    As to the Obama bashing. Let's get one thing straight – he's signed one piece of legislation with respect to firearms. It expanded their use in national parks. He also issued a statement basically thanking Scalia and the SC for providing guidance in the Heller decision.

    I'm not saying you have to like him or vote for him, but let's keep facts facts. And remember that hunters and gun owners come in all political stripes.

    • Lawdog

      Signing a bill is one very small part of an agenda. How about the Justice Dept activities in Fast and Furious, ATF's efforts to ban imports and his Secretary of State's support of UN small arms ban? You are either obscenely ignorant FillB or you think we are and you can lie to us. Either way, you lose…

      • FillB

        Do tinfoil hats come in blaze orange or Max 4?

        • FillB

          Let me reply to my own rejoinder, since I don't want to be the sort of person who leaves a driveby comment.

          "Signing a bill is one very small part of an agenda."
          What does that even mean? A small part of an agenda to expand gun use? Because the law allows loaded firearms in national parks where they had been previously prohibited.

          "Yadda yadda yadda Fast and Furious."
          First, the air is rapidly leaking out of this supposed "scandal", but for the sake of brevity, let's assume you're referring to the far-fetched idea that it was hatched to erode gun rights.

          For this to be true, one must believe the executive branch enacted a virtual Rube Goldberg Device of conditions and actions which, if everything went off, would give them evidence to push for a law that would draw a great deal of political heat and no Congress would ever pass to even give them the chance to sign.


          And finally the UN Small Arms treaty. This, too has been debunked.

          There are a lot of reasons why the theory of Obama as anti-gun president are nonsense (aside from the glaring evidence that he's PROPOSED ZEEEROOOO ANTI-GUN LAWS. But the main one is because, simply put, we've won the argument. It's bad politics.

          • lawdog

            Keep up the propoganda and lies FillB.

            So you can't understand that signing bills is only a small part of what a president does? That doesn't mean its not true. Let me explain for you, the President appoints people like Holder, Clinton and federal judges who can and are all advancing anti gun agendas. You clearly don't grasp what a president does.

            Oh and just because the UN arms treaty isn't done yet, doesn't mean they aren't supporting it. In January 2010 the U.S. joined 152 other countries in endorsing a U.N. Arms Treaty Resolution that will establish a 2012 conference to draft a blueprint for enactment. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton has pledged to push for Senate ratification. Lies are just lies FillB. And you are just a moron…

    • David Sizemore

      I do like him and I will vote for him and you of course are right it is telling that the shrill cry of the right wing nuts is limited to a program thought up and began under George Bush but facts are not their strong point ignoring facts that's their strong suit as if this article had any thing at all to do with any president that is the true measure of their desperation. lacking a decent idea on any issue that is relevant they must manufacturer phoney issues to make their phoney statements

      • Adam

        You my friend, are the misinformed. Operation Wide Receiver was started and ended under the GWB administration. They actually implanted tracking devices in the weapons, and coordinated with the Mexican gov't before doing anything. They tracked and recovered all the weapons sold to straw-buyers, but realized the risk of losing them and stopped the operation.

        Fast & Furious had no coordination with the gov't of a neighboring nation before they started an arms trafficking campaign into that sovereign nation. They never had a plan to follow the weapons into Mexico, and didn't stop them from leaving the country when they had the chance. the only reason this came to light was because a US citizen was murdered with the weapons, and they hadn't prepared for that possibility. The murder of foreign nationals, however, was not a concern as it would have promoted their agenda of claiming American guns are supplying the Mexican drug cartels.

        Facts suck don't they?

  • tom

    Morgan Freeman. He just stated a few days ago that if Odumbo is not re-elected, the USA is ruined. What an idjit.

  • Wolverine

    It would be nice if these stars took a stronger standpoint on their views. Not only could it help bring new and younger blood into our hunting brotherhood (women included), but it would help show the rest of the world how passionate that we as Americans value our "Right to Bare Arms", "Our Right to Freedom of Speech", our passion for fair chase and its reward, and how true sportsmen act and respect the land. Right now we as readers of Petersen's and their affiliates are the only one's who know. Not many non-hunters read these magazines. Stand up and be proud of your sport!

  • Sunshine State

    Obama is not Anti Hunting.His choice for Secretary of Interior is evidence of mindfulness of the "Hook & Bullet" constituency.

    Now,if Hollywood "pro gun,pro hunt'" person were to advocate for hunting lands protection,conservation would we then cast them as "extremists"?

  • Matt

    Primary reason for the Second Amendment is for self defense not hunting…Obama argued against our fundamental rights in Heller. All freedom loving Americans should oppose his reelection.

  • Clinton J. Fortman


  • dave

    Visit for your next hunt

  • Wolverine

    Seriously RR, do you think that your choice of words is going to help win over the opposition, or the people sitting on the fence deciding which way they want to vote? What most people post when they are Obama bashing shows how little they know about our government.. I am NOT an Obama supporter, but ignorant people think that Obama can single handedly take away our "Right to Bear Arms" and take away our rights to hunt wild game.. Well wake up because its not just one person that can do this!!

    A sitting President can only serve a total of 8 years, thats "IF" he is re-elected for a second term. What we have to watch out for are the Senate, Congress, and all other political jobs( Supreme Court Justices, Judges in general) that do not have a term limit! These are the people who have TIME to achieve their agenda.. Bash Obama all you want, but watch out for those sneaky little bumb's that are working silently in the backround and will sneak up on you and bite you in the a$$ from behind!

    I am glad that you are not in Washington calling people those names in support of the rest of us! Because we would all lose by your childish, middle school name calling.. Grow up!

  • Wolverine

    Bring it you 4th grade educated redneck. I hope that your sister who is more than likely your wife will let you out to play, when your done molesting little boys! What a knucklehead!! I live in Upstate NY, name the place and the time?

  • lghunter

    I'm sorry, like I said in my comment, I am just starting out bowhunting and I am stunned at the quality of character of those that seem to represent the sport.

  • Wolverine

    Obviously None of you actually read my post!! Please learn to read?? I said I am NOT an Obama supporter, and I was making a comment on RR's use of vulgarity to show how stupid and childish he sounds, and that if the those idiots that want to take away our rights to keep and bear arms they certainly won't listen to that kind of language in Washington DC, or any other place!

    As far as telling him "to bring it" it was sarcasm, meant to tell him if he thinks he can do come on and try!! I will beat him to a pulp and mop the floor with him!! See now i've sunk to your level of name calling!

    YOU people should really read the whole post before posting your comments, this is why those idiots are trying to take away our rights!! You people can't even read a blog post correctly, and you want them to trust you with weapons??? I have a CCW and many weapons that I would like to keep.. But you idiots have to resort to Vulgar, and stupid comments!!

    VOTE NO OBAMA!!!! Their does that help?? READ, READ, READ.. Hopefully none of you reproduce… God forbid!!

  • Sally Mander

    Ignore the trolls and continue to post.

  • lghunter

    Thank you Sally, is there somewhere else you can go to get intelligent bow hunting conversation?

  • Sally Mander

    I'm not sure, but if you search 'bowhunting blogs' you might find some you like.

    These sites seem to be more geared towards promoting and marketing goods, which I don't care for.

    Good Luck!

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