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Crane Wreck

by Kali Parmley 0

Hunched over in the narrow ground blind, I clutched the matte black semiauto between my hands. The steel was cold… more »


.270 Vs. .257: What’s the Best Whitetail Caliber?

by Joseph von Benedikt & Mike Schoby 0

.270 Winchester Being a Western guy, I have psychological issues with choosing the best caliber for just one species. Me,… more »


Petersen’s Hunting 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

by PH Online Editors 0

If you’re wanting to impress your hunter this holiday season, then give them quality gear that will make an impression next hunting season…. more »


Best Upland Hunting Gear for 2015

by David Hart 0

From the wide open spaces of sharptail grouse country to the tight, thick quarters of bobwhite habitat, America offers a… more »


The Living Legend: New Mauser 98

by Mike Lunenschloss 0

Rich Grozik, author of the book Game Guns, believes “we do not own fine guns, we are only their curator… more »


2015 Trail Camera Test

by Keith Wood 0

Few products have changed how we hunt, particularly whitetail deer, the way the trail camera has. Trail cameras allow us… more »


Tree Stand Vs. Ground Blind: What’s Best for Whitetail?

by Joseph von Benedikt & Mike Schoby 0

TREE STAND vs. Ground Blind Ground blinds encourage sloppy hunting. There. I’ve said it. Comfy blinds make hunters believe they can… more »


6 Tips for Planning a Coues Deer Hunt

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Coues deer are tiny, desert-dwelling siblings of the common whitetail. Properly, they are simply a subspecies, Odocoileus virginianus couesi, but… more »


Will Borrowed Ammo Shoot the Same?

by Keith Wood 0

You scrimped and saved for this hunt. You packed your lunch every day and worked overtime. You flew in yesterday… more »

new bows

Exciting New Bows for 2015

by Andrew VanLaningham & Eric Conn 0

Somehow, year after year, bows continue to get better. This season was no exception as the top archery brands pumped… more »

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