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Grandpa’s .30-30

by Justin Karnoff 0

I was beginning to sound like Ralphie from A Christmas Story: “I want a Model 94 carbine lever-action .30-30 with… more »


How to Choose the Perfect Bear Rifle

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Are you more likely to shoot a black bear over bait from a treestand hung halfway up a giant old… more »

bait vs spot-and-stalk

Spot-and-Stalk Vs. Baiting: What’s the Best Bear Hunting Method?

by Joseph von Benedikt & Skip Knowles 4

Spot-and-Stalk Real men hunt bears at eye level, not perched in trees swatting mosquitoes and listening to Harlequin romances via… more »


5 Tips for Buying a Used Rifle

by Joseph von Benedikt 0

Purchasing a hunting rifle used can be a great way to get a very good rifle for a very good… more »


5 Reasons to Buy Your Hunting Rifle Now

by Brad Fitzpatrick 0

There is a select group of hunters that manage to harvest trophy animals year after year, and as an outdoor… more »


4 Great Rifle Cases for 2016

by Mike Schoby 0

If you value your rifle at all, a quality hard case is a must. We checked out some brand new… more »


Is the .243 Winchester a Viable Elk Cartridge?

by Keith Wood 3

There are few topics in the hunting world that generate more heated debate than whether any given cartridge is powerful… more »

hunting saskatchewan sandhill crane

Crane Wreck

by Kali Parmley 0

Hunched over in the narrow ground blind, I clutched the matte black semi auto between my hands. The steel was… more »


.270 Vs. .257: What’s the Best Whitetail Caliber?

by Joseph von Benedikt & Mike Schoby 0

.270 Winchester Being a Western guy, I have psychological issues with choosing the best caliber for just one species. Me,… more »


Petersen’s Hunting 2015 Holiday Gift Guide

by PH Online Editors 0

If you’re wanting to impress your hunter this holiday season, then give them quality gear that will make an impression next hunting season…. more »

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