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Slug It Out: The Best Whitetail Slugs for 2014

by David Draper 0

I can’t explain  it, but it is an indisputable fact that some of the biggest whitetails are shot in states… more »


Understanding Treestand Trajectory for Bowhunters

by Jeff Johnston 0

The vast majority of Eastern bowhunters hunt from trees, but rarely do they practice from them. Before you ascend, it’s… more »


5 Great Customization Options for Your 10/22

by Dusty Gibson 1

The 10/22 is simply the ultimate aftermarket rifle. Replacement stocks and drop-in triggers highlight a wealth of custom options on… more »


The Ultimate Hunting ATV: Yamaha Grizzly 700

by Mike Schoby 1

Most sportsmen fall into one of two categories: those that have an ATV or those that want one. Let’s face… more »


Head-to-Head Review: Top Crossbows of 2014

by PH Online Editors 2

As we began our annual x-bow test, it was clear that there would be a certain level of familiarity this… more »


The Coolest Undercover .22s Ever Made

by PH Online Editors 1

Since the 16th century, attempts have been made to disguise firearms as other objects, and most of those clever devices… more »


The Best Hunting Headlamps for 2014

by David Draper 0

Remember when head-mounted lights were only worn by coal miners and coon hunters (who were often one and the same… more »


5 Best .22 Rifles of All Time

by Craig Boddington 3

Almost all of us have at least one .22, and many of us have several. Back in 1979 when I… more »


Hunting Crocs and Hippos on the Caprivi Strip

by Skip Knowles 2

My party was off chasing hippo deep in the Caprivi Strip and had sighted two pods by boat, following their… more »


Is the .308 a Viable Long Range Cartridge?

by Keith Wood 6

Everyone seems to be talking (and writing) about “long range” hunting these days, so I guess I’ll join the fray…. more »

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