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8 Reasons Anti-Hunters Hate You

by Doug Howlett   |  October 21st, 2011 29

It’s a them-against-us world out there, with the tone of today’s political and social discourse often falling down the lines of an, “If you’re not for us, you’re against us,” mentality. For sure, hunting has fallen victim to that mentality from those who surely know what is best for the rest of us, if we would only recognize their unalienable wisdom.

Homegrown like ideological terrorists – if terrorism entailed attacking a lifestyle with ignorance and snobbery simply because you didn’t like to do it – in our nation’s cities and suburbs, the physical and mental distance between country and cultural center only fan the flames of persistent discord. But sometimes you have to wonder, why all the hating? In the immortal words of Rodney King, “Can we all just get along?”

Well, we think we’ve figured out exactly why anti-hunters are from Venus and the rest of us are, well, from Earth. Following are eight of the top reasons anti-hunters can’t stand you.

  • Guest

    These clips are great and I for one agree with what is being shown. We are all hunters in one form or another. The "Non-hunting" fraternity are hunters. We as humans seek the best deal. We will go to many lengths to find the right thing for us. The trophy is what we acquire. A woman will obtain those "Prada" shoes or latest fashion to look great.

    What a lot of "Non-hunters" do not realize, the Hunting industry creates not only jobs, but huge financial resources that enable everyone to enjoy National & State Parks, wildlife refuges, etc. Even if you do not hunt with a Firearm and/or Bow, there are many Wildlife photographers that spend millions in Dollars, Euro's, Pound Sterling, etc to capture the perfect wildlife photograph that gets sold to various magazines, e.g. National Geographic, National Photographic, etc.

    The money earned in various recreation activities and related products, generate income for many people. In Africa, there are many Professional Hunters, providing services. Many of these Hunting firms employ African staff, who are dependent on this livelihood or they would starve to death. Africa is a harsh continent and the reality being many of the subsistence farmers cannot go to the land bank for help when a herd of Elephant or Buffalo come and consume a whole year's crop or a lion eats their cattle. This is when the Professional hunters take clients to hunt animals. Many of these "Problem" animals are shot & killed and the money earned and the meat goes back to the community – yes it does happen in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Botswana.

    Various Wildlife projects have been created and payed for by hunters, who not only care for the environment, but protect and conserve it for present and future generations.

    Anti-hunters must consider this:
    1) Are they prepared to become vegetarians and refrain completely from meat and fish?
    2) Are they prepared to financially assist many African people and communities, when they are faced with starvation and financial ruin when a herd of Elephant or Buffalo destroy the family farm?
    3) Are they prepared to take on people who have lost their jobs, due to various industries closing, e.g. Firearm Manufacturers, Airline Industries, Hotels, etc due to financial losses.
    4) Are they prepared to rear animals, that have no other place to be released due to lack of space, as land cannot be acquired, due to lack of funding?

    This list can go on for ever. I suggest, these Anti-hunters, go on various courses to educate them on the benefits of sustainable utilization of natural and indigenous resources.

  • Joe upstate

    Anti hunters also hate guns because the only way to be safe around guns is to always obey safety rules. Some people have a hard time with that.

    • Gust

      Most of the time, the people who get hurt by guns, and have "a hard time" with gun safety, are the people with guns in their homes. The logic of your statement seems poorly thought out, considering people who are against guns wouldn't have them in their homes to be hurt by them in the first place. So, it goes to reason, that a majority of people hurt in non-crime related gun accidents actually have guns in their house and are not gun haters.

    • chistine lane

      I don’t hate guns, I’m a expert marks women, archer, vet, and anti hunter. I used to be a hunter so i know all your tricks. You just enjoy killing because its fun, and its an excuse to kill without bieng arrested. that’s why you hate anti hunters so much, we are trying to take that away from you.

  • shaun

    Excellent article. Shared it with my buddies

  • Linda

    Our family is hunting right now, and today is opening day of 2nd season here in Colorado..And guess what!! my daughter shot her cow elk.. We still have a few more tags to fill but we are hunting for the MEAT!! This is what we survive on all year around.. Love every minute of being with my family in the great outdoors

  • Karen

    Could I add a ninth reason? Because most anti-hunters I know are far too removed from reality! I guess it's easy to be anti-hunting when you live a lifestyle that has very little or no ties to the real world and nature anymore – besides what you see on the Disney shows, of course! I'm a hunter and I challenge any anti-hunter to prove they have more compassion, commitment and understanding of wildlife than I do! And they better not criticize me for being self-reliant when most of them won't even grow their own vegetables.

    • rer

      Challenge accepted.

    • chistine lane

      you are an idiot.

  • Evan

    Apparently, there was a study done that stated that the release and repeated re-release of Bambi was the most harmful thing to happen to conservation in recent history. Little children don't understand that the hunters need food and a participating in a legal and senseful activity, they simply see that the men-with-guns are trying to kill the star of the show!

    Without realizing it, their little minds are being imprinted with the "fact" that hunters are barbaric, bloodthirsty killers, and that hunting is altogether wrong and evil.

    At the age some children watch Bambi, some of them don't even know that meat comes from dead animals, and could never even imagine that the hunters are simply providing for their families.

    I, personally, don't like the movie or others like it. But if you thought Bambi was bad, try a movie like Open Season, a movie obviously and simply made for one purpose… making children anti-hunters before they even know it.

    • chistine lane

      I onky watched bambi once, and I hate that steaming pile of turd they have the gall to call a movie, yet I’m strongly anti-hunting.

  • Hunterspro Team

    True Hunters, who hunt in a sustainable manner should not give any attention to such people, who are,in majority of cases fanatice, not even reaoning.

  • Lance

    My mom's ultra New Yorker x-boss summed up the general mentality of these people when she said (to my mother and in her home with many pictures of her sons hunting on display) "Rich people hunt because they are rich and poor people hunt because they are mean". However in many cases once you explain to self professed anti's that we do EAT the game a lot of thier animosity is gone. Many people I meet think we just hose the woulds down with semi auto fore and leave a trail of rotting critters.

  • Judith

    You do not need the food. Go to the store. You just like killing and have always had an unfair advantage over animals. If you were really a hunter, you wouldn't need a weapon or fancy clothing.

    • jay

      Don't worry Judith president Obama will take care of you and make all your left wing dreams come true.
      I bet you like those food stamps and all those gov. benefits. I am a farmer, I love and take care of my animals but they are just food or breeding stock. Farmers and Hunter do more to pay for conservation than any other group . Next time you eat a hamburger remember that was a living cow earlier. What is the difference between that and a deer,duck or pheasant.

    • Chris

      How is letting someone else kill an animal that has been bred to be eaten, any better than killing an animal yourself?

      "If you were really a hunter, you wouldn't need a weapon or fancy clothing. "

      That doesn't even make sense. Go into nature and try and kill a duck without camo or a gun. Good luck.

  • wcb

    As a true hard core sportsman who trys to do everything right and obey hunting/fishing laws…….I am so tired of anit hunters and gunners calling us "killers." They only do it because they know we are right and they have no defense left…….otherwise they would know hunters/fisherman are right and do more for conservation than they ever will or we wouldnt have this debate. Sportsman pay taxes that anit hunters/gunners dont pay, we help keep wildife at a heathly and managable number, we help keep the cost of food down at grocery stores and reduce damage to farms caused by wildlife, help preserve the very woodlands animals need to survive on, , even help keep auto insurance down. OH! but those REAL FACTS……….not wishy washing feelings.

    I hope someday they open season on stupidity because I would like to see some uneducated liberals haning from our deer pole.


    • kinderegg

      I am a liberal and I hunt. I cringe when I hear violent rhetoric and outright threats from people like you. It contributes to the belief that all hunters are violent dangerous individuals. This is why people hate hunters, because they threaten to hang their fellow citizens from deer poles.

      • Savannah

        Not like anti hunters haven’t threatened us either. True we shouldn’t fight fire with fire but hey fail to look back on what they say to us too. Neither side should be hateful or spiteful to one another because then an agreement will NEVER be reached and I’m pretty confident it wont.

    • Mysterydoll

      You are killers, and you hunt because you enjoy killing. Even those anti-hunters who eat meat cannot be called hypocrites, simply because there is a major difference between them and you. They don’t hunt their meat because they do not enjoy the thought or act of killing things. They also would never worship the objects-guns, rifles, bows, etc.- that allow them to commit these acts of violence. Your sense of manhood is defined by the act of killing, which in most cases has been bred into you by your elders. You were brainwashed and indoctrinated at a very young age to equate the act of killing things with family devotion. In addition, your last comment only serves to prove my point. No worries, though. In a few hundred years, when the entire human race has evolved to consider, as anti-hunters do, that the enjoyment of taking a life that is not your own is arrogant and obscene, then hunters will be an extinct breed, just like the species they are presently running into the ground.

  • Chris

    It's interesting to me that the pro-hunters posting on this thread are blind to the fact that humans are the true "pest" species on this planet. We are in fact the ones that need population control, not animals. When left alone, most animal species achieve population balance.

    And as much as I respect that hunters fetch their own meat rather than let factory farms do the dirty work, the elephant in the room seems to be that you don't need meat to survive in this day and age. There is an abundance of plant-based food that you can thrive on; it's actually healthier and it doesn't involve killing.

    And since I am detecting a note of smugness from all the posters here (except poor Judith), I can't help but assume that you enjoy killing animals and sustenance is not the only reason you do it. If you were truly hunting ONLY for survival, why is there such a proud and smug commercial hunting culture in your country?

    • Marc

      No one hunts ONLY for survival. I hunt because I not only enjoy the meat but I love to be in the outdoors and enjoy nature.

    • Ross

      To answer your question about the proud and smug culture, you came onto a pro hunting website to denounce hunting. You are therefore looking for a fight, much like "poor" Judith, and you deserve any comment thrown your way. If your going to dish it out, then grow a pair and take it, or don't say it at all. Secondly, where are you getting this there is enough plant based food to feed us all. You do know all those big massive fields that they love to show on the TV are in reality food for livestock on factory farms, which are eaten by animals to be Mcdonalds hamburgers. You do know that a fast food cheeseburger is a far cheaper meal than any whole food available to you at your supermarket. You do know most of the farming production done is to support these factory farms. And the organic craze? Yeah that comes with a hefty price tag of usually to the tune of 1-3$ extra dollars a pound. All that hormone/anti-biotic saturated meat has to be good for your diet, right? Cause we ate like that 40 years ago and things like cancer haven't sky rocketed in that time frame… With the economic crisis constantly looming hunting right now is looking to be a fairly sustainable way of supporting myself if I ever come on hard times (which is why I am looking into take up the activity, that and I enjoy the taste of game), as well as being able to harvest a large quantity of healthy organic meat myself. Yes we are over populated on this earth, and it has its own problems as does any over populated society (White-Tailed deer): Diseases (AIDS), Poverty and Starvation (Every damn country specifically Africa and India), and we too are culled either by ourselves (Unfortunately) or by mother nature and freak events. Populations balance themselves out by peaking and then plummeting. If we leave it alone nature isn't going to suddenly go "OK we need 3 Wolfs, 6 Deer, 2 Coyotes, 3 Rabbits, 2 Squirrels, 200 bushels of plant material, per 30 acres." We entered the equation thousands of years ago, and we can't take ourselves out now.

  • Jeff

    Not a hunter but I shoot guns and spend time outdoors. The confusing thing for me is the fawning over dead animals that I see hunters do. The talk about how beautiful they are and take pictures with them after they are dead. I find this strange considering that true respect and appreciation, in my opinion, would mean leaving them be. Can someone explain?.

  • Madison Hawkins

    I am a fourth year journalism student at WLU. In order to graduate I have to write a 3,000 word paper. I have chosen to write about hunting. I need a min. of 40 sources and would love any insight/opinions of those who hunt and those who oppose it. Please e-mail me at

    Thanks in advance!

  • amieb05

    Completely useless points and I’ll tell you why, because you are generalizing anti-hunters. Not everyone goes out and buys neatly packed meat from a grocery store, and not everyone rents air-conditioned cabins in the middle of the woods while bashing hunters. You are generalizing and not hitting the real reasons anti-hunters take issue with you. Instead of weilding a gun and shooting from a safe distance, why don’t you grab a bear with your own two fists and give it a fighting chance?

    • kinderegg

      come on man, I don’t grab a bear with my own two fists because I don’t want to lose aforementioned fists. Its hunting not suicide. There is a lot of work and discipline that goes into hunting you are glossing over by writing off using a gun as “unsportsmanly”. Many hunters eschew unsportsmanly acts such as shooting birds that are roosting. Hunters are not without honor and using a rifle is just one experience. If you don’t generalize us we won’t generalize you. Deal?

  • mattstragalus

    You made some valid points, and some stupid ones. For example I laughed out loud when you said “Hunters are self reliant”. I for one don’t feel self reliant when I head out duck hunting in my truck made by someone else, with gas mined and refined by someone else, to shoot my shotgun made in Turkey. If this description doesn’t fit your hunting trip then my apologies, but it fits 99.9% of the hunters out there. Its recreation folks, don’t loose sight of that.

  • rer

    Please tell me this is a joke.

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