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8 Biggest Poaching Cases in U.S. History

by Doug Howlett   |  September 26th, 2011 30

Poaching. It’s an abhorrent crime and one of the extremely rare areas where lifelong sportsmen and misguided antis can even agree—violators must pay and pay dearly! Whether it’s the quest for bigger antlers, the chance to profit off  a trophy or the selfish desire to hold false bragging rights on one’s hunting skills, it seems the degree of atrocities committed by today’s outdoor criminal out-shocks the masses with each new headline.

As one would expect, as these criminals raise their level of lawlessness to new heights, judges are responding with bigger fines and longer jail time for the Nation’s most belligerent offenders. Following are eight of what are believed to be some of the biggest poaching cases in U.S. history and sadly, all of them have been committed in just the last five or six years.

Click through the photos below for all the details. Be sure to let us know if we missed any egregious offenders.


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