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Try These Four Favorite Wines With Venison

by David Draper 0

The editors of Petersen’s HUNTING pick their four favorite wines to pair with venison (including one white). When picking a… more »

Black bears have a thick layer of fat over
their meat. Plan on saving and using it
as an exceptional cooking ingredient.

Why you need to try black bear meat now

by David Draper 0

When it comes to eating, bear meat gets a bad wrap in hunting circles. But it shouldn’t. Bruins aren’t as… more »


Why Classic Game Recipes Are Still The Best

by David Draper 0

Finally, after years of recipes smothered in mushroom soup, wild-game cooking is having its moment. In fact, marketers might even… more »


Recipe: Venison Sausage Rolls

by David Draper 0

Pigs-in-a-blanket are a tailgate staple, but you can do so much better than crappy cocktail wienies wrapped in a doughy… more »


Braised Venison Shanks with Garlic

by Hank Shaw 0

I did not grow up as a hunter. I began what’s now become a major part of my life at… more »


Backcountry Grub: DIY, Freeze-Dried or Dehydrated Meals?

by David Draper 0

An army marches on its stomach. So said Napoleon. The same principle can be applied to the hunter who spends… more »


Recipe: Pheasant Green Chile Enchiladas

by David Draper 0

Often when developing wild-game recipes, I like to pair animals with plants or flavors native or common in their home… more »


Wild Boar Jaegerwurst (The Hunter’s Sausage)

by David Draper 0

A few years back I found myself in Croatia hunting wild boar from high stands. My guide Misha looked like… more »


Cooking a Rutting Buck

by Hank Shaw 0

A huge bull or monster buck walks out, perfectly broadside, and in range. Maybe you’ve waited years for this moment, or… more »


Recipe: Venison Green Chili

by David Draper 0

Spicy green chilies are the perfect pairing with elk, antelope, and other venison, and a long slow braise both tempers… more »

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