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Shot Show 2013 Rifles

Introducing the S&W M&P10 in .308 Win.

by Eric Conn   |  January 17th, 2013 7

Smith & Wesson was on hand at the 2013 SHOT Show in Las Vegas for the release of their new M&P10 chambered in .308 Win. The M&P10 comes from the factory with a fixed Magpul stock, Realtree camo finish and a five-round capacity magazine. Another great feature is the ambidextrous bolt release, safety and magazine release. The M&P 10 comes standard with a mid-length gas tube and is scope ready. Retail price is expected to be $1,729.

  • Blakeb


  • Ken A

    Wow, another fine hunting rifle in .308 caliber. The deer and elk hunters are going to love this one, but don't let that lunatic Feinstein see it, she might think that it is made for some sort of assault.

  • Roger

    Oh Yes !!! High powered rifle and legal for all big game species. I LUV U Smith & Wesson !! & CAMO TOO !!

  • 45Colt

    Fixed stock & 5 round mag ? Cummon S&W, show some backbone !

    • Matthew Moreau

      you can put a 20 round mag in there

  • Edward Wright

    I have the M&P AR-15 an it is very accurate, more than other AR’s on the market. I cannot wait to get my hans on this AR-10

    • Blackdeep

      Same here, I was expecting accuracy but was very surprised at how accurate it was. Now I am wondering what the accuracy in the M&P-10 is. I have read a lot on the M&P-10 but nothing about how it shoots.

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