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Why Every Girl Should Try Bowhunting

by Melissa Bachman   |  October 31st, 2011 65

If you’re a woman hunter, you owe it to yourself to try bowhunting at least once. The reason I only say once is because you will be hooked that quickly. Bowhunting combines everything great about hunting and takes it up a notch, in my opinion.

It’s a sport that takes practice, patience and persistence to be successful. I think I enjoy the challenge more than anything. It takes a lot of practice to shoot a bow well, get within archery range of a mature animal and ultimately hold your composure when you’re at full draw on any animal. It’s one thing to have an animal in your scope, but it’s another to be so close you can hear them grunt, bugle or even let out a snort wheeze. The fact that not everyone can do it and you can’t decide the night before to become a bowhunter. There is a lot that goes into it between the scouting, preparation and the actual hunting time.

Of course it may take longer to be successful with a bow, but the good news is you usually get a much longer season. This also allows you to hunt during the early part of the year when the trees are beautiful, the weather is still somewhat warm, and in some states even when the bucks are in velvet. The other great thing about bowhunting is it can truly be a family event. Even if your children are not old enough to actually hunt, the entire family can go out and shoot their bows together. Growing up, my brother and I had little bows to practice when mom and dad shot. Not only was it a lot of fun, but it gave us one more activity to do together as a family.

Lastly, bowhunting can be one of the most relaxing, yet exhilarating, sports in the world. All distractions are gone while you are in the woods and it’s a time to truly connect with nature. You have time to think, watch the animals, and the best part is nothing knows you’re there, so they just go on with their usual business.

So if you’re one of those women out there who have never been bowhunting, go ahead and give it a try. More than likely, you’ll be a bowhunting nut like me in no time. It’s never too late to try something new, so get started today.

  • Natalie Jarnstedt

    There's nothing wrong with archery as long as it is practiced as a sport that doesn't include maiming and killing animals, using them as live targets and pincushions!
    I would hate to think that many young women and girls would follow this young girl's advice about not only bowhunting, but about hunting in general!
    I can't imagine what she's thinking when she knowingly shoots an arrow into an animal, watching it die (very rarely does any animal die instantly – wounding rates in bowhunting are over 50%, according state wildlife agencies' studies) a slow death, or even worse, bolt off into the woods. Many are never recovered, dying in pain and suffering for hours, weeks, months, and even up to a year – see YouTube about Braveheart, who did exactyly that way!
    There's nothing wonderful about snuffing out animals' lives for recreation!
    What's with the war-paint, anyway? Calling herself a "nut" is much too mild; I can think of many more applicable words to describe her actions!

    • Will

      You really think that what you wrote will hold any value? You do realize this is Petersen's Hunting right?

      • Will

        By the way….We are having tacos tonight. Made with venison from a deer my WIFE shot…..

      • Jake34

        Yes, I do feel that those comments will definitely reveberate with some decent folk (not everyone enjoys killing animals), and whether one hunts or not, these kind of posts are not exactly culturally reflective everywhere.
        Gee, I would have never guessed that….don't you relaize that in this day and age, things fly through cyberspace within seconds? DUH!

    • Tom Reynolds

      Do you eat beef of pork,gee how nicely did they live and
      die for your dinner plate, first:I have hunted for over 40 years with a bow.and it is not all about the kill,but you I am sorry will never understand that . Second; a clean kill is the first most inportant thing when it comes to taking an animals, it is all in the proper training and understanding of the sport.

    • Remmy

      I think it's funny that a anti-hunter is giving hunters facts from who knows where. Hey natalie, since your a big know it all, you know that when natural predators take their prey, 90% of the time the prey is eaten alive. What is so wonderful about sitting in your ivory tower eating your elitest diet, relying on somebody to make your lame food made out of grass clippings.How many vitamins do you take to compensate for your tofu diet that has no nutritional value? I just hope that the stock market nevers crashes or you'll be back to eating the animals you claim to care about more than hunters do.

    • Wayne

      You are nothing but a Tree Hugger, thanks to hunting and the sportsmen / sportswomen there are more animals from turkey to deer than ever before. I guess you would rather see a wolf eat a calf elk while the calf is still alive. Or a bear eat young moose while the moose is still alive.

      You anti hunting nuts make me sick.

    • Mike

      natalie is obviously lost…. natalie, you'll prefer it to this site.

    • nichole

      People are entitled to there own opinion's, yes. But to go as far as making fun of what this women (and countless others) do is pathetic. And it's not like we shoot the animal and just leave it there! All the meat that my husband and I consume in our house is all killed by both of us. We never buy meat at the store. All I have to say… is if you don't like what is being talked about, then go to a different site! Its that simple. Your words are not going to change anybody's opinion on this topic so why waste your time :)

  • WAM

    Archery is something I really love along with bowhunting. It took me a few years of mentioning to my wife that she should get a bow, not for hunting but just to spend time with our son and I a little more. She did not hunt at that time and never really thought of hunting. Just was able to try should a bow while we were at the archery shop one day for myself. She had gotten hooked after she shot a few times. After 6 months of weekend FAMILY outings going and shooting she called me at work and said she signed herself up for a hunters safety class. I was excited for her, but also shocked because she had never mentioned that she wanted to hunt. She said she wanted to try it just to check it out. Needless to say the opening weekend of bow she shot a spike buck and was hooked for the same reasons I am. She also didn't miss to much so far this fall was even out in the stand amost 7 months pregnant.

  • Joe

    Natalie, you are entitled to your opinion no matter how naive, misguided, and uninformed it may be.

    Hunting is a primal instict that has been with mankind for it's entirety, your choice not to participate is accepted wholeheartedly by those of us that do hunt.

  • Jacob Crawford

    Dear natalie Jarnstedt

    Just wanted to let you no i killed a deer last night(: i took it with my brand new Z7 and i loved it!

    hunting is a sport it takes time and passion! For all the people out there who hate us nature lovers go jump off a cliff really !! We hunters have more respect for animals then any one else! Yes there are people in this world who just kill them for fun and just leave them to die. but not all of us do that! I don't waste my kill i eat them, and i only take game that is mature! I don't go out and kill a baby, like all of ya'll nut jobs make it to sound like! Plus Melissa is an awsome hunter! iv never heard of her taking a non mature animal!!

    • Ren266

      So what does taking a non-mature animal have to do withy the price of oranges? You really must be living on the boonies, man!

  • Antonio Alviar

    Natalie, I'm sorry that you have such a disgust for bow hunting. I just started hunting this year and it is one of the most intimate and relaxing things I've done in my life. To be out in the woods, hearing nature hoping for a chance to harvest a deer does take everything Melissa describes above. I have shot plenty of indoor and 3D (outdoor wooded courses with animal targets) courses to hone my skills as an archer. A responsible hunter doesn't take wild shots at game, they are patient and are confident that the shot they take will put the animal down in a humane fashion for bow hunting. Responsible hunters harvest deer for venison and to help keep deer numbers in balance with the land they inhabit. Overpopulation of deer can bring on disease, or be a true nuisance to urban areas and can cause a elevation in car accidents or crop damage. I'm not saying that every hunter is a responsible one, but those who respect nature and the laws and also abide by a code a ethics only they can enforce when in the woods are the ones who you fail to acknowledge. Irresponsible hunters make up the vast majority of your statistics and wounding animals can be done either with a bow or a firearm. Just depends on who is in control of that weapon.

  • JoJo

    What a physcopath! All the school shootings were comitted by people once introduced to hunting! They become desensitized to killing and death and become morbidly fascinated with it, like this creep!Hunters have not been able to evolve into civilized human beings and they should crawl back in their caves until they have! BTW, miss brave warrior woman has to wear mascara and face paint to hunt! LOL!

    • Melissa Bachman

      Yes you are correct…I wear mascara, facepaint and am a die hard bowhunter. If only there were more…my goal is to get as many female hunters out there as possible. You don't really believe I should go back to my cave do you? I eat everything I shoot, it's healthy and absolutely delicious. Some people choose to buy their meat at the grocery store, I choose to hunt my own.

      • Veronica M Landry

        I don't understand why people are even on this page if they don't agree with hunting! Like they don't have anything better to do with their life. My husband and I hunt and whatever we kill for hunting season that's our meat for the year deer, hog, duck you name it. It is very healthy for me and my family. I have a 7 and 4 year old that loves eating it and loves the outdoors. I can't wait till my little boys can go hunting with their dad. I think what Melissa is doing is great! Keep up the good work and keep the videos/photos coming!

      • Roland Millington

        LOL. You and women like you are one of the reasons my daughter wants to learn archery. Her history class is working on the Roman civilization, and they are specifically studying their theological structure. As part of the class project, she has to give a report on one of the Roman deities.

        The one she chose was Artemis. ;)

    • BigHoney

      You should try hunting. You should hang around hunters. You should go on a hunt as an observer. You might have a paradigm shift regarding your judgmental ignorant comments.

      • Bryan

        Well said.

    • Joe

      "ALL"? every one of them? you sure? or are you just making up stats for your lunatic statements?

      I'd take this furthur but your lack of intelligence on the subject matter, in particular the "mascara" comment, as well as what the world defines as civilization, makes me realize you're little more than a disgruntled angry person that is plodding along lifelessly.

      enjoy your anger.

    • Remmy

      It's the kids that don't hunt that are the problem, they have no understanding of, or respect for what death really is. They just sit infront of a computer trolling in the internet looking for anyplace to put their moronic thoughts out for the world to see. PLEASE don't breed or vote.

      • Ren266

        As a teacher for over 25 years, knowing kids who hunt and those who express "moronic thought" on the internet, I can tell you that the latter are much preferred!

        • Alias47

          I certainly hope you are not an educator in my children's school.
          Any self professed "teacher" who is willing to have such a generalized opinion about the children they are paid to educate based solely on the children's familial and cultural heritage is a bigot. You should not be allowed to teach if you cannot separate your personal opinions from your professional responsibility.

          • Ren266

            Obvioulsy, I am not. If I were, your kids would be categorized in the first group….
            Believe me, you have no idea of what you speak!
            I am not a self-professed teacher, I am a real one.
            If you consider this post as a teaching session, I'd hate to think what's taught in the school in your neck of the woods.

          • Alias47

            Thank you very much, you have just proven my point.
            Prejudice against children based solely on a shared family belief that doesn't happen to agree with your opinionas to what is just and unjust is reprehensible coming from someone who is supposed to be an impartial steward of our children's education. This is what is wrong with so many facets of our American educational system…"educators" injecting their personal politics and ethos into our children, on either side of the spectrum.

          • Bryan

            Eeeek! I am a teacher, and I try to instill my love of nature and hunting into my kids by telling them my adventures on Monday morning. We even have debates in class on the merits of hunting. I try to stay impartial until some of my kids expound that eating a hamburger at McDonalds is better than going out to harvest your own food. I grew up in a town in New York whose streets could have deduced me if it were not for fishing and hunting providing the deeper desire. So, Alias, I'm not all that impartial, either, when it comes to the subject of hunting, but neither am I judgmental for those who believe it's wrong. (Typically their views are at least tempered when I bring in a crock of my venison stew into class.) ;-)

    • Bill

      If all the kids involved in school shootings really were introduced to hunting you would have much more of a problem as i would like to think that they would know how to aim and squeeze the trigger, many more would be dead rather than wounded. Anyway, if parents would learn themselves to teach their kids right from wrong, they would not have school shootings! After all they had access to the gun in the first place, and whose fault was it that that gun was not locked up??? Worthless parents that didnt teach gun safety along with hunting skills. I love to hunt everyday i can, the meat is much more healthy, and i feel the animals at least had a life. Whats your beef or pork have? A barn with no windows most of the time and a bunch of steroids to fatten them up faster!

    • petrmoo

      JO JO, I recently retired from the military. I spent 5 1/2 years in combat over a thirty year career in the Infantry. I never became desensitized to death. In fact, I rarely harvest animals, I prefer to stalk them and just appreciate them. However, too large of any animal population leads to increased mortality and disease. I am not certain if you eat meat but– do farmers or slaughterhouse workers become desensitized towards death? I grew up on a farm- no one was ever cruel to animals where I lived. Melissa, thank you for encouraging all of us to appreciate our world and thanks for encouraging young women to get into the outdoors. They need to realize that they are more than sex symbols. Jo Jo, I think Melissa's mascara looks great. She is a hard-working, talented, accomplished strong attractive women. Don't hate her because she's beautiful and smart!

    • nichole

      seriously!?!?! Just because somebody hunts does not mean that they will turn into a crazed killer and go shooting up schools. Your comments are obviously unwanted and completely unnecessary. And as for uncivilized? Maybe just maybe you should take a good strong look at yourself, your not exactly glowing with civilized behavior now are you? I would never read about something that you enjoy doing in your spare time and leave nasty comments for you to read.

  • Jacob Crawford

    i love how they hate on us HUNTERS! but yet i bet you anything they eat meat every day! but yet they are eating a cow that was raised to be killed just for there fat ASS! at lest us hunters are in good shape and we take are on game!! we work for are meat un like ya'll! i love makeing people like this mad. you know why?? cause when shit hits the fan and the world goes to shit. if i'm still around to see that day i bet ill make it throw it and you will die. cause we no how to hunt and survive!!!!

    • ChrisTtouch

      Good shape? What have you been smoking? There's been a recent article in major newspapers about hunters dropping dead while dragging deer out of the woods. Seems that they laze around after hunting season and don't get enough exercise until the next one. Puhleeeze, gimme a break about their great fitness with all those beer bellies; no wonder they keep falling out of their tree stands almost every day of the season!
      All this can be verified by just letting your fingers do some Googling!

  • Jacob Crawford

    Oh yea my GOAL IS TO HAVE MY SOON TO BE FUTURE WIFE BOW HUNTING SOME DAY (: !!! Can't wait to watch her take her first deer!!

  • Mike Dillon

    The camo make up is a good look for you girlie….You certainly have the en vogue look for female hunters…big round face and a couple of front teeth that make you look like you have been eaten' corn through a fence. Not sure I am ready to take your advice just yet!

    • Melissa Bachman

      Lol, you are welcome to take or leave any advice you want. If you think my face is too round and you don't care for my teeth there are many other great blogs on this site to choose from…

    • Remmy

      Yup, your not ready to let your ole lady out of the kitchen and lord knows if she tried you'd backhand for it. Please post pics of your pig/wife so we can see your prize.

    • Ken Smith

      Mike Dillon you're an idiot! I bet Melissa could out hunt you and out shoot you any day. Don't hate on someone for success just because your life is crap and your woman (if you even have one)… looks like crap as well.

    • LeAnn : )

      Are you sure your not looking in the Mirror? Yikes!!!

      And please dont take her advise!! I'd hate to have someone like you in the woods.

      • LeAnn : )

        Mike Dillon,

        Are you sure your not looking in the Mirror? Yikes!!!

        And please dont take her advise!! I'd hate to have someone like you in the woods.

  • Ken Smith

    Mike Dillon you're an idiot! I bet Melissa could out hunt you and out shoot you any day. Don't hate on someone for success just because your life is crap and your woman (if you even have one)… looks like crap as well.

  • Mike Dillon

    You guys are right…I should not have been so personal with my comments…I was just diggin' on you girl … My apologies…

  • ballistic.bob

    Wicked Melissa. Keep up the great hunting. If you ever down in New Zealand I would happily take you bow hunting.

  • Alias47

    Seems some people who are less than enthusiastic about hunting have decided to use this article to release their anti-hunting diatribe in an attempt to bait a select group of hunters into some sort of flame war. It is absolutely their right to hold those opinions, and express them in an intelligent manner. Being an avid hunter, I would even welcome a civilized conversation on the topic. The problem is, they are not looking to opine in a cordial setting. Having made personal comments regarding Melissa's choice of attire and hunting accessories, as well as stereotyping all hunters is instigative and elementary. I urge the other readers to ignore them, as they are nothing more than tempermental children looking for attention.
    By all accounts, Melissa is an ambassador of ethical hunting as well as a steward of the fastest growing part of the hunting community, female hunters. I certainly respect her insight as well as her ability and a couple of people looking to foment derision using puerile tactics will not succeed in this venue.

    • Greer Ashton

      FYI – there's not such thing as ethical hunting – it's not about fair chase anymore; baiting, scents, sophisticated weapons – all place the "hunter" at a great advantage.
      That such a small minority would have such arrogance and feelings of grandeur is incomprehensible! In case you're not aware, all wildlife is held in public trust and therefore belongs to everyone, NOT only to those who stalk and kill them, mostly for trophy! So-called "management" is nothing more than managing desirable game for MSY, not to control their populations, as is alwaysasserted and used as such great propaganda.

      • Alias47

        Yes wildlife IS held in public trust…which is paid for in part by the revenues received from hunting license fees, as well as hunting equipment purchases, and hunting groups such as Pheasants Forever, Ducks Unlimited, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, etc.

        These areas would not remain wild without these institutions and many others providing monetary and other resources.

        • Alias47

          When was the last time you sat in the woods and had birds land on you…or squirrels run across your body as if you were a part of the tree? Watched coyotes hunt…or deer play? And actually be right in the middle of it…like you were a piece of that wild place?

          I do it every fall…it's called bow season.

          I enjoy hunting…my kids enjoy hunting. We do it together…if they didn't that would be ok too.
          I hunt with my father…and my brother and his kids.
          We spend a lot of time, hard work and money maintaining a modest piece of property that provides excellent habitat for a large variety of animals.

          We do hunt, and sometimes when luck has it, harvest and eat some of these animals.

          We do it as ethically and humanely as possible.

          You can believe it or not, and you can disagree with it if you so choose.
          I am not trying to convert you to my way of life…or even seeking you out to argue with you.

  • Alias47

    Besides they are poopy pants idiots.
    Haha…couldn't help myself, hypocrite that I am!

  • Greer Ashton

    It's amazing how someone's comment, Natalie's, started such a ridiculous diatribe on defending this despicable blood sport. Why did it take someone's honest views that are shared by a majority to elicit such a barrage of insulting and completely irrational responses?
    I, for one, always believed that women are innately more sensitive, caring, nurturing, and empathetic – what this young woman represents is a very sad small statistic of women who feel a compulsive need to directly compete with men in an area that is most unpleasing and cruel, to boot.
    Strangely, those in favor of this young girl's bowhunting prowess also seem to be lacking much in proper spelling and good grammar…hmmm.

    • Roland Millington

      I wouldn't go so far as to say it's a majority … especially not on a site centered around hunting.

  • Alias47

    Of course it started a "ridiculous diatribe on defending this despicable blood sport".
    This is a hunting forum and the comment was posted here (as was yours) to elicit a negative response.
    I do not know where this article is linked that is creating so much attention from people with very contrary views to the patrons of this blog, but it certainly has not encouraged the brightest or most educated anti-hunters to participate.
    The "barrage of insulting and completely irrational responses" was begun and continued by nonsensical interlopers that seem to falsely believe that any of the people who subscribe to this blog give any creedance or merit to their opinions in the first place.
    The fact that you personally have to rely on diversionary pedantic taunts ("lacking much in proper spelling and good grammer") to attempt to get whatever point you have across is evidence that you have no factual material to bolster your argument, only pure delusional belief based in fantasy andf anthropomorphism.

    By the way, some of us lack neither proper spelling nor PROPER grammer and you are correct, Natalie's diatribe was ridiculous.

  • ChrisTtouch

    Hey, it might do you some good to read some well-researched and documented aricles…who know, you might just learn that there's another world out there besides blasting animals and making fun of it.

    • Alias47

      Everything can be spun to meet the writers criteria…ask any honest politician.
      I was just reading an anti hunting article talking about how land management in Michigan has raised the number of vehicle/deer impacts since 1972. This from an "accredited" expert. When i did my own research (using numbers from the US Census Bureau) I found that the number of vehicles on the road actually increased by a greater number than the vehicle/deer impacts…which shows a LOWER ratio of impacts.
      Maybe you should do some research…from actual figures. You want land stewardship, conservation, wild area protections? You know who funds that on a local, state and national level? I'll give you 3 guesses and the first two don't count. (hint: it is NOT anti-hunters).

  • Greer Ashton

    If anyone is wondering why "others" who according to you all obvioulsy have no business posting anything on Petersen's Hunting got to this lovely little blog, here is the one that I received:
    Melissa Bachman on Women Bowhunting – Petersen's Hunting
    For women, bowhunting can quickly become and addiction, Melissa Bachman writes.…/melissa-bachman-wome....

    • Alias47

      I encourage your posting here…even if you have a differing opinion. You certainly have a right to harbor your opinion and state it. I even enjoy a good debate.
      I would appreciate if people posting their opinion use more intelligent reasoning than conjecture and generalization. I have only seen opinion, no reasoning…or fact. All the "facts" used to back up the opinions are the same pablum fed to you by anti-hunting websites that deal in passion over facts, and fantasy over reality.
      Hand picking a few instances to create a much broader generalization is rigamarole for these patently false assertions.

  • toeachhisown

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion but this begs the question…why would anyone that finds hunting distasteful read a hunting blog?

  • JakeL

    Great article AND photos Melissa.
    Keep up the good work!

  • MIKE

    Wow! Really?! You, sir, are lower than lobster balls. I can't imagine the pain you've endured to become such a miserable creature. I hope you get some small pleasure in causing me to break my usual rule of not responding to trolls. I have to admit that your memorable display of cowardice above is among the most mean-spirited I've ever read.

    Please, if you choose not to return my goat, take good care of him.

  • laura

    ms bachman, thanks for standing for what you believe in. it is shameful some of the things that have been written in response to your article, but it strays away from the subject of interest… that hunting for your own table fare is one of the most important tasks a person can charge themselves with. i removed all meat from my diet for several years including animal bi-products because i felt so terrible for the animals that would be dying for my uses, but i do fortunately come from a hunting family. when i was mature enough to listen to the opinions of others, and do a great deal of independent research myself i came to the conclusion that if there is going to be any animals on my table, i want to know where they came from. knowing that my father or brothers personally killed the animal, insured its health for the sake of our own and butchered if for us is not a deed to be seen as brutality, it is truly love. before the animal died it lived a free life, it could go in any direction without fences, eat all the beautiful nutrients nature provided for it and yes; nature provided the deer for us as well. I am a female supporter of the hunt.

  • J.D.

    Ms. Bachman,

    I believe that it is a great thing that you like to hunt and in particular with a bow. I bought my wife a bow for christmas 3 years ago and she loves the sport of archery, time will tell if she will use it for hunting though. She even taught our daughter to shoot a bow, and now she wants her own. I'm the only one in the family that can no longer enjoy the sport of archery or bow hunt as my dominant shoulder is now mostly metal. Keep up the good writing and happy hunting.

  • Caity

    Hey Melissa,
    I just bought my first bow yesterday, a Bear Encounter. I can't wait to start practicing with it and getting ready for next season! Thank you so much for this blog and especially this article, which I found when I was first researching bow hunting. Thanks for the great information, and keep it up, you make all women, whether they hunt or not, proud and are one of the few really great positive role models available to young girls these days!

  • Cathy

    Hi Melissa,

    I just bought my first bow because I share the same passion for the outdoors as you do. It will take time for me to develop my skills enough to hunt, but in the meantime, I have someone like yourself to guide me through my journey and provide positive encouragement. I look forward to my first hunt and know that I can sustain myself and my family with natural meat instead of the chemically-enhance stuff at the grocery store. Keep up the great work! You have been and will continue to be my mentor who I can look to when people tell me I shouldn't do this because I am a women.
    - Cathy

  • Madz Grr

    Hi Melissa

    I just wanted to say that to a 19 year old girl like me, you are such an inspiration. And I will happily take your advice.

    @ Natalie,

    I was a vegetarian for five years, because I was so anti killing, and couldn't stand the thought of killing for our own selfish desires. But we are omnivores, and nature has had billions of years designing life and eating animals if just a part of it.

    What makes me what to hunt is the fact that, i would MUCH rather kill my own WILD animals, ones that have had a free life, that are free of awful chemicals, and were happy until the time comes when they die, so that others can live (Which is natures cycle)

    If you buy your meat from the super market, you should know that those animals lived an awful life on some farm, eating nothing but corn with no grass, trees, no fresh wild air, and living in their own crap. They are killed as soon as they are big enough, hundreds of them at once. Sprayed with chemicals, and given no respect what so ever.

    I would pick hunting any day, even if it means something dies at my hands

  • Firefighter Hunter

    Thanks for the great writing, and the great advice.
    Thank you for provideing a level headed respnse to this whole debate. It was nice to finaly see a response that is both civil, and not deragatory. Just wish everyone could express there views and opinions in as polite a manner as you did.

  • Kim

    For the people who dislike hunting, everyone seems to be missing the really big picture. Every wild animal group needs to be managed since their habitat and food sources are being lost. Maybe you should be targeting the developers who are making money off of these poor animals land. I, myself, love animals but am not too naive to think that any of these animals are better starving out or getting hit by cars. i studied conservation. All you who hate bowhunters should read up before you spout stupidity. I recently became a bowhunter but only for turkey because I have not been able to bring myself to hunt other stuff. However, I know it is something that has to be done.

  • nichole

    loved your article!!! I'm a female rifle hunter currently. My family has hunted all there lives and we all love it and enjoy the time that we get to spend with each other doing it. The other day my husband got a new bow, I really wanted to give it a try so he set it up so I could shoot a few arrows. I absolutely loved it!!! I couldn't put the bow down haha! Finally we went back inside only because it started raining. Now I'm planning on saving up money to buy myself a bow! Do you have any suggestions for good bows?

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