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Boddington: Irrational Antis Reserve Special Hate for Women

by Craig Boddington   |  July 11th, 2014 18
Donna, Brittany, Caroline & Craig Boddington with Caroline's first gemsbuck shot at about 280 yards on Caroline's first Safari in the Karoo, South Africa 2013 with John X Safaris.

Donna, Brittany, Caroline & Craig Boddington with Caroline’s first gemsbuck shot at about 280 yards on Caroline’s first Safari in the Karoo, South Africa, 2013, with John X Safaris.

I’m starting to feel left out. Sure, I get occasional hate mail from outspoken antis. Some are really nasty, not the kind of thing you’d show your Mom. Every once in a while I’ll get one that is beyond that, way off the page, a genuine threat of bodily harm by most unpleasant means.

But we’re not talking big numbers: Once or twice a month, a few times a year, often enough to make me think I’m doing my job, but not enough to make me think the world is full of crazies.

But I’m an old guy, and I’ve done this stuff for a very long time. You would think that I should be a prime target, but maybe they figure I’m a hopeless case. Let me just say that I find death threats because of participation in absolutely legal and generally accepted activities to be somewhere off the edge: excessive, abhorrent, aberrant, downright nutty.

I’m reminded of a great bumper sticker that reads, “Support Mental Health…or I’ll Kill You.” But I get them now and again. What really amazes me, however, is how these things come out of the woodwork when a female hunter steps into the limelight.

The most recent example, of course, is the case of Kendall Jones, 19-year-old Texas Tech cheerleader who went on safari with her parents, posted some photos on social media, and has been subjected to an avalanche of criticism. Petitions are circulating to ban her from, I suppose, the Universe.

Check out Craig’s interview earlier this week with Fox News:

Mixed in with righteous outrage are an absurd number of extremely disturbing threats. The jury isn’t out on that stuff; the FBI is involved, and there may be a time when people are held accountable for keyboard courage.

I hope so, but let’s examine this in a little more detail. First off, Kendall Jones did nothing illegal. Her hunting was not only legally sanctioned in the countries she hunted, but also by the international body, CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species), and by U.S. Fish and Wildlife (in that her trophies are all legally importable into the U.S., given proper documentation). Death threats by the dozen?

The liberal media is partly to blame, because some of her animals were described on national media as “endangered.” Untrue; none are classified “endangered” by any competent authority.

It gets worse.

Her leopard was identified as a cheetah. It was implied that a rhino she darted for veterinary necessity had been killed. And so on.

But here is Kendall Jones’ greatest sin: She is a woman. We have seen this before. Remember the huge international imbroglio a year ago when Melissa Bachman took a completely legal lion? I’ve seen it with my wife and my two daughters. I’ve hunted a bunch more than all of these women put together…but I can’t come close to matching the nasty emails and threats they have received.

I think our huntresses scare the hell out of the antis, and they should because, thanks at least somewhat to them, we are winning. U.S. Fish and Wildlife’s 2011 survey showed an increase in hunting license sales of nine percent, a significant increase and the first upswing in nearly a generation. National Shooting Sports Foundation’s 2013 nationwide survey suggests that 79 percent of Americans in general approve of legal hunting, the highest approval rating such a survey has revealed.

Women are the fastest-growing segment of all shooting sports, including hunting. So you bet the antis are scared of them. Some are obsessed enough to say things that shouldn’t be said, and I can only hope that none of them are quite crazy enough to put bad words into worse actions.

One theory about this vitriolic response against women who hunt is that they are viewed as soft targets, more easily scared. Anyone who thinks this way doesn’t know the same women I know.

There is another theory. While hunting is not about partisan politics at all, serious anti-hunting and animal rights sentiment is generally associated with the most radical ultra-liberal far left. You see this with other social issues: The radical left, for some reason, believes that all women should be in lock-step and in full support of their agendas.

So when a woman does some independent thinking, breaks ranks, and does something traditionally un-womanly such as shooting a crop-raiding elephant, there are some strange-thinking people out there on the fringe who are not only outraged (as they would be if it were a man), but actually feel betrayed because it’s a woman.

The younger and prettier the woman, the nastier the response.

Hey, it’s just a theory, but I’ve been wrestling with this since my eldest daughter started to hunt, and there has to be some underlying reason why the most dedicated and irrational anti-hunters reserve a special level of hate for women hunters.

The good news: They are showing themselves for who and what they are, and women who hunt are not so easily dissuaded.

  • Michael Sabbeth

    Craig: thanks for your well-thought out statement. For whatever its worth, I agree with your analysis. I add this assessment. You wrote: “Women are the fastest-growing segment of all shooting sports, including hunting. So you bet the antis are scared of them.” My guess is that the ‘antis’ are not sufficiently informed to know the data regarding women shooters. I don’t think that, therefore, that fact provokes them. I think the situation is more pathological. Much has to do with your conclusion about independent women. But there is more. Politically, the entire leftist narrative is based on women being dependent. Strong women take risks and deal maturely with life and death. They are not dependent. Thus, strong women threaten the leftist narrative. Strong women are a political liability to the left; and these kinds of anti hunters are leftists. One final point: the lady hunters mentioned just happen to be gorgeous. Strong, gorgeous and independent. That trilogy unnerves a lot of folks. Thus, the greater intensity of the attacks against women generally, and these women specifically. Cheers !!!!

    Read more:

  • LoupGarouTFTs

    Some years ago I read a comment by an anti that women are “supposed to be nurturers” and so they are “not supposed to want to kill things.” I don’t know how widespread this mode of thinking might be, but it falls into place with the idealized stereotype of women.

    • PatHenry

      Why if that is so do we have millions of abortions each year. To me a woman hunter is an angel compared to one who aborts her child!!

  • P A Johnson

    Well said Col.

  • Holly Eyster

    Thank you Mr. Boddington, again for your continued support for Hunting, Hunters, Wildlife Conservation, and in this case…. Women Hunters.

  • Paul Dragotto


  • Larry R. Herron

    There are some really strange people out there! I agree with you. It does seem as if the antis go after the women shooters and hunters far worse than they do us males.

  • Chris Miller

    Don’t forget about Axelle Dispiegelaere, the Belgian soccer fan who signed a contract with L’Oreal only to be dropped when pictures of her hunting showed up on the Internet. This is a global issue to disarm ALL citizens, especially in the US.

  • Matthew Peet

    Craig, thanks for putting this “crisis” in the right perspective! The one thing I always ask an “anti” who is willing to discuss hunting, is “What have you done as an individual for the animals you claim to so ardently support?” The usual reply will be full of venom and based solely on emotion not facts! They may say something to the effect that they have never killed an endangered animal or helpless animal, etc. When asked if they buy duck stamps or contribute to RMEF or DU or NWTF they will say of course not. If they do contribute it will be to some of the so called animal welfare organizations who do very little to help the animals they claim to love! Note I do not include the local SPCA’s in this category! Ask them who will pay for conservation after hunting has been banned and they will expect someone else to do it-typical!

  • luciteehee

    Everything you said I agree with! There is NOTHING more dangerous, more invasive, divisive, demanding, loud, abusive, intrusive, nor obnoxious than a group of females who think THEIR opinions are the ONLY ones that count! I SHUDDER when I think what our Nation would be like if all women followed their lead! The females in MY family can prepare a deer for the freezer, filet a trout, as easy as they get ready for a formal party or gussy up for a hoe-down! They are beautiful, capable, independent and feminine in ANY situation, but are never challenged to prove it! No wonder these “NOW” women are so mad! They have an image to maintain and haven’t had any fun for YEARS! Bless their hearts!

  • blair152

    This Dickinson dude should be ashamed of himself. I hope someone asks for nude photos of him. What’s sauce for the goose, is sauce for the gander.

  • Brice Henry

    The anti hunting movement is a cult of hate. These women studies have shown that between 76 to 85% of the animal movement is made of women are brain washed by slick propaganda. The believe they are smart and are very immature to the real world outside their tiny little world. They are narrow minded bigots just like KKK member they are grossly ignorant of facts. When you combine gross ignorance, slick propaganda, lies such as endangered species, and a cult like mindset you end up with psychopaths that want to kill people. I hope the FBI starts making arrests and teach these spoiled brats a lesson in how to fit in a normal society. When you threaten to kill a women hunter you’re nothing but trash and belong in prison for the rest of your life.

    • Grady

      Remember the fact that ALL KKK members were Democrats and it was a Democrat organization….. So their mentality, bigotry, and narrow mindset has not changed since the Civil War except to get worse.

  • Angela Corbett-Haralson

    Why does the reaction to women hunters border on the psychotic?

    It is very rare that I feel strongly enough about a subject to post my opinion on the internet, so for those of you who know me you will understand just how passionate about this subject I am. For those of you who don’t, let me introduce myself.

    I am a Mother, Wife, Sister, Friend and most importantly I am a Woman who enjoys hunting and killing game animals. I am not a sociopath, crazy or cruel. I am just like you…with a family, a home, a job and a couple of dogs ( one who lays around doing nothing but making me smile and one who’s happiest retrieving the things I kill).

    I have killed hundreds of animals, birds and fish not only to feed my family, loved ones and complete strangers who would have gone hungry without the meat, but because I love the thrill of the chase, the conquest, months & sometimes years of planning and scouting, sharing the outdoors with my family, stalking within feet of my intended prey and taking the trophy. Yes, I kill trophy animals. In my home we feel every animal, bird or fish we kill is a trophy. Every hunt is a cherished memory and our family has been blessed with hundreds of memories to pass on to future generations. This is the year my youngest son will create his own memories of his first elk and deer hunts. We started scouting his hunt area over a year ago, this 14 year old kid has earned the right to kill a trophy of his own.

    As a hunter I feel we need to stop the “harvesting” “pursuing game” “population control” or any of the other innumerable, soft landing, politically correct names we have chosen to call what we enjoy doing and become honest with ourselves and the rest of the world and admit we enjoy killing for food, a challenge and a trophy.

    I have a direct connection to the food I put on the table. Not many people can say that the food they feed their family is pure or that they even know the origins of what they are eating. I don’t blindly purchase unrecognizable meat in the grocery store, while pretending the animals slaughtered lived an idyllic life on the farm before being gently and humanely put to rest. I follow my food from field to table, it’s always fresh and organic.

    I understand many of you who read this will be appalled, disgusted and repulsed that these words are coming from a woman. Others will understand my exasperation at having to explain why it is no different for me to hunt than it is for my husband to hunt or that hunting does not hinder my capabilities of being a kind and nurturing person.

    My hope is that some of you will read this and not hide your small children behind you the next time you see a woman in head to toe camo in line at Starbucks (true story). I can assure you we are not stalking your kids.

    Please do not judge me for being a woman who enjoys killing animals.

    Now that I’ve gotten that off my chest, I’m off to check my trail cams. I hope to kill a trophy bull this year.

  • George Price

    Entirely agree with Craig ! the liberal media has lost all credibility in today’s world due to willingly allowing themselves to be “dumbed down” – Worse yet, liberal “citizens” will eagerly tell outright lies while attempting to get THEIR point across (TRUTH ? we don’t need the stinkin’ truth !) Legal hunting or fishing activities (shooting too !) will remain ALL AMERICAN passtimes for as long as “America” stands

  • Chiefbuck

    Liberal progressives and assorted con artists are as a rule masters of the half truth. It has become necessary to validate information by using reliable sources. When you have the highest elected officials in our nation constantly lying and distorting and the main stream media backs them up, you should realize that we have a serious problem. Our founding fathers believed that freedom of the press would be a constant check on politicians but the massive take over of education by progressives thwarted that concept. Polling results in respect to viewer ratings of the media indicate that the American people eventually get things right, the conservative media has seen constant growth since it’s inception. The reason is basic, people do not appreciate being lied to. History will record that the Obama administration’s most notable achievement was the growth of the conservative movement.

  • charlesjmeyer

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  • Fieldkorn

    Craig, you are correct to a “T.” And though when Bev’s co-workers hear she has killed a deer or had success on a goose-hunting trip with me, it is often accompanied with a little scrunching of he nose but not much more than that. In large measure this increase display or righteous indignation stems not from the act of hunting itself. Rather it’s the venue being used to display this type of achievement. Had Ms. Jones chosen to have her success illustrated in “Petersen’s Hunting” a protest simply would not develop and evolve. But because her activity appeared on social media with its authorship anonymity and huge numbers of Internet trollers just looking to express themselves the results were predictable. Sadly, of course, but predictable. Of course, this doesn’t mean Ms. Jones or either of your daughters should therefore shy away from posting their efforts and successes. They simply must be aware they will become the subject of harsh, bitter, hateful speech. As a now-retired reporter who covered the outdoors and environment – and as one who still maintains these skills on a more limited basis – I understand and accept that this sort of reaction is going to occur. I may not like it (and I don’t) but it will happen. With today’s dependance on instant communication and devotion to social media there is no turning away, let alone turning back.

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