Amazing New LaserForce Binoculars With Built-In Rangefinder

Amazing New LaserForce Binoculars With Built-In Rangefinder
LaserForce binocs feature Incline/Decline ID technology, which provides a compensated horizontal distance readout to targets that may be above or below your position.

The name of the game when hunting western or open-country big game is quality binoculars with a good field of view to help you glass massive expansions of open country and mountains. Because of the vastness of open country hunting, having to shoot long distances is also part of the challenge. So, a reliable rangefinder is needed to tell you the distance between you and your target. That means you need to carry two pieces of gear—binoculars and a rangefinder to consistently score. This equates to having to haul extra weight and engage with more pieces of gear before executing a shot.

Nikon's LaserForce binoculars have built-in range-finding technology, which saves weight and adds convenience because you don't need to carry a separate rangefinder.

What if you could have the utility of superior binocular performance and exceptional range-finding technology built into one unit? Nikon has answered this technological challenge with the introduction of its much-anticipated LaserForce binocular.

The 10x42 binocular is a powerful multipurpose unit that includes Nikon's superior quality, extra-low dispersion glass, multicoated lenses and generous field of view. But the real game-changer is the built-in long-distance rangefinder. This new wrinkle allows you to leave your rangefinder at home cutting weight and extra gear while providing the power of a 1,900-yard rangefinder built directly into your binoculars. That's a mile of range finding power with the push of a button!

Ergonomics are excellent on LaserForce binocs and they're completely waterproof and fog proof to stand up to any kind of weather.

The LaserForce can range distances from 10 to 1,900 yards with the push of a button. A red OLED appears in your field of vision to provide either a single or continuous measurement for up to eight seconds. This allows you to gauge trophy potential while at the same time evaluating approach angles and distances without ever taking your eyes off the prize.

As all hunters know, animals aren't always on the same plane as you, and are often located above or below you. Most handheld rangefinders have built-in technology that calculates distances from different angles. The LaserForce binocs feature Incline/Decline ID technology, which allows you to have a compensated horizontal distance readout. The distance readouts are measured in 0.1 yard for distances shorter than 100 yards and in increments of 1 yard for distances over 100 yards.

LaserForce binocs feature Incline/Decline ID technology, which provides a compensated horizontal distance readout to targets that may be above or below your position.

LaserForce binoculars are built with the adventure hunter in mind and are made to take a beating. They not only are lightweight, weighing just 31 ounces, but also are completely waterproof and fog proof. The exterior features rubber armoring that conforms to a die-cast metal body and a grip that is tailored and textured to the shape of a human hand. Best part? It's backed by Nikon's incredible No-Fault Repair/Replacement Policy.

Adding range-finding capability to the superior extra-low dispersion glass and multicoated lenses on Nikon's LaserForce binoculars place these 10x42's at the front of the line in hunting optics technology.

Check out the new Nikon LaserForce. It's going to be your single optic solution and your best friend on the mountain.

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