Camp Chef at SHOT Show: Elk Venison Slider Burgers Recipe

Camp Chef at SHOT Show: Elk Venison Slider Burgers Recipe
Tasty wild game dishes don't have to be difficult to prepare as this Camp Chef Elk Slider Burger recipe proves. (Lynn Burkhead photo)

Have a freezer full of ground elk venison from your fall hunting trips? Never fear, the folks at Camp Chef have a great SHOT Show recipe that is lean and mean, easy to prepare, and a crowd-pleasing favorite!

Serves: Variable
Prep time: 15 minutes
Cook time: 4-6 minutes


  • Ground elk or deer venison (either straight meat or in a 90/10 meat-to-fat ratio)
  • Camp Chef Mango Chipotle Rub Seasoning
  • Slider burger buns
  • Medium cheddar cheese
  • Condiments (ketchup, mayonnaise, etc.)
  • Lettuce, tomato, onion (if desired)


  1. Use a burger press to shape ground venison into 1/8-pound small patties.

  2. Camp Chef at SHOT Show: Elk Venison Slider Burgers Recipe
    (Lynn Burkhead photo)

  3. Sprinkle venison patties liberally on both sides with Camp Chef seasoning.

  4. Put each patty on the grill and don't touch or mash it with a spatula. Cooking time per side (depending on heat of grill) is typically two to three-minutes. Flip the burger over when it starts to sweat with juices on top.

  5. Camp Chef at SHOT Show: Elk Venison Slider Burgers Recipe
    (Lynn Burkhead photo)

  6. After flipping the burger over, add cheddar cheese slices.

  7. Cook the slider patties to a medium rare finish. Do not overcook the patties! When they are still soft and have a little bit of pliability to them, take off the grill.

  8. Grill slider buns if so desired.

  9. Quickly assemble your slider burgers, plate them, and serve piping hot off the grill!

About This Elk Venison Slider Burgers Recipe:

When Hanson Brooks and the Camp Chef gang get their cooking wares set up at the annual SHOT Show Industry Day at the Range, it doesn't take long for some smoke to curl into the air.

And when it does, a crowd almost always gathers promptly to see what the latest creation is to come off the Camp Chef culinary products on display.

In this case, it was an Elk Venison Slider Burger Recipe, utilizing lean ground elk venison at either a straight grind or a 90/10 meat-to-fat ratio (the latter with either pork or beef suet added in from the local butcher).

Camp Chef at SHOT Show: Elk Venison Slider Burgers Recipe
(Lynn Burkhead photo)

"It's a simple recipe," said Brooks. "You (start with) ground elk, take about an 1/8 of a pound of elk meat, pound it out into a small patty, and then add your seasoning. In this case, it's Camp Chef Mango Chipotle, one of our most popular seasonings."

After the simple prep work, it was all cooked on a Camp Chef SmokePro SG Pellet Grill as the delectable aroma wafted over the firearms testing crowd gathered at the Boulder Rifle and Pistol Club near Las Vegas.

Camp Chef at SHOT Show: Elk Venison Slider Burgers Recipe
(Lynn Burkhead photo)

As the high-tech smoker and grill industry continues to expand, Brooks noted to the OSG crew that this particular model allows for the use of the company's slider grill technology. Translated, that means that backyard chefs can easily achieve a flame broiled taste by simply sliding a heat diffuser plate to the side to allow for direct flame cooking.

With the pellet grill's wood flavor infused into the food and the ability to dial in a specific temperature to get your cooked meat just right, this is a simple to prepare and easy to cook meal.

And just as it was at the SHOT Show's annual Industry Day at the Range, the bet here is that this recipe will be as popular at your backyard deck dinner party this spring and summer as it was out on the outskirts of Las Vegas!

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