The Frankenstein Dutchman AR

The Frankenstein Dutchman AR

I own several AR style rifles, mainly Rock Rivers with a DMPS in .338 federal thrown in for good measure.  For the record, I do not NEED any more AR style rifles, but then again when has need ever factored into a gun buying purchase?  I was sitting in my office the other day, completely minding my own business when I learned that a coworker of mine wanted to sell a couple of stripped AR lowers'¦cheap, really cheap $55 in fact.  So how could I say no?  He left $110 richer, and I was the proud owner of two AR lowers.

I threw them in my drawer and wondered what I was ever going to do with them.   Like I said, I have a coyote AR, a tactical AR, a big bore pig gun and a large bore built on a AR10 platform'¦so what to do?  I started scrounging around in my draw and discovered a ATI free-float handguard, then an upper of unknown origin'¦.hmmm I was partway there, now I needed stock, guts, gas tube, barrel, bolt, lower pins, trigger etc'¦

This got me thinking (never a gooid idea) and my inner dutchman came out.  I wondered how cheaply could I build a AR rifle. Some of my buddies must have bins of parts left over from when they upgraded their ARs.  I wonder what was out there, free for the taking or really, really cheap.  The goal of this project is to make the gun go bang, reliably and shoot a couple of inch groups at 100 yards.  I'm not building a match rifle, just a rifle with left over parts for as cheap as I can.  Unlike the old Johnny Cash song, where I'll steal parts (don't discount that possibility yet) I'll buy whatever I have to, but am going to rely on friends' throw aways and extras to do the bulk of the build.  I'll keep ya posted to the progress — it should be fun.

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