Brittany Boddington Takes Down a European Wolf in Macedonia

Brittany Boddington Takes Down a European Wolf in Macedonia

For those of you that have been reading my earlier posts about our wolf hunt in Macedonia with The Hunting Consortium, you know the driven wolf hunt that we tried the other day didn't work.

So, we went back to the original and unexciting plan of sitting in a blind at night.

I'm not opposed to sitting in blinds, it's just a bit difficult to stay awake in a silent blind all night in the dark, but I did my best.

We drove about forty minutes to get to the wolf blind and stopped for the most amazing burgers you have ever seen, they were massive but great! The blind was an insane looking burned out old van that they had converted to a comfortable hunting structure. The windows were covered with metal panels that opened, and the seats were turned sideways so you could shoot out of the window comfortably. We settled in and tried to get comfortable with all the night vision equipment.

It wasn't even an hour before the first wolf arrived, but this was my first time using night vision so I struggled to see the it through the scope. By the time the fourth wolf showed up I had it figured out, and when he stopped behind the bait I shot him in the front shoulder.

It was a bit low, but the shot broke the shoulder. Without even thinking I hit him with a follow-up shotgun shell and he dropped. We waited for the spotlight to arrive and went looking for him.

The big guy had moved from the spot where we last saw him, and it was impossible to see where he had gone in the tall grass. We decided to come back the next morning, and after a long night of waiting and wondering we found him near where he was last spotted.

He is a nice mature male wolf with ahuge body and head! There is risk for rabies in this area, so we can't touch him without gloved hands, but his fur is beautiful and I couldn't be happier! This wraps up my hunt with The Hunting Consortium here in Macedonia, so tonight we are going out to celebrate! Tomorrow I head to Turkey to hunt with Shikar Safaris for another two weeks so keep checking in there is a whole lot more hunting to come! (There might even be some fishing!)

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