FUNNY VIDEO: Melissa Walks on Water...NOT!

FUNNY VIDEO: Melissa Walks on Water...NOT!
Two Future Hunters from Hempsted, TX at the Texas Trophy Hunter's Extravaganza.

Getting kids excited about hunting and the outdoors can come in a variety of ways, but this past weekend I felt like one of the kids as I had a little fun at the Hunter's Extravaganza in Houston, TX.

Although sport shows are a great way to book hunts, look at mounts, and meet outfitters it really is a fun place to take a family.  There is a variety of food, shopping, and fun games for everyone.  Throughout the show I met a ton of young hunters, swapped stories, and even joined in on a little of the kids' fun on the last day.  First up, I took one of my friend's daughters Tyler out for a little shooting.  She wants to be a bow hunter someday too so we started with 3-D targets with balloons on them for the kids.

After a good round of shooting, we did a little shopping, then she picked out a game she wanted us to do together, it was called Bubble Runners.

I have to admit, walking over to the game even I was smiling ear to ear.  It looked like a lot of fun and they even had a bubble for us big kids :)  Once you get over the embarrassment of looking like a hamster it was quite entertaining inside the ball and by everyone's laughter it must have been pretty fun to watch as well!

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