Making Old Cool: The Limited Edition Turnbull 1911

Turnbull 1911How many firearms designs are still relevant after a 100 years?  Few actually. Of course, the Mauser 98 bolt action is still held in high regard after more than 100 years and is widely used by professional hunters the world around, and Winchester lever-actions still have a panache that the modern bolt-action can't touch, but nothing has stayed more relevant than the venerable 1911. It  is still the go-to-gun for handgunners from all walks of life: Competitive shooters, military personnel, civilians serious about personal protection and law enforcement officers still cling to old slab side -- and for good reason, very few guns are as effective at getting the job done, no matter what that job is.

In the past century the 1911 has undergone all sorts of transformations under the guise of "improving" John Browning's original design. Some modifications are actual improvements, while many others are simply the equivalent of gun bling for the sake of bling. However, a classic remains as classic, and many folks are starting to appreciate the quality and functionality of the original. Good luck finding one in great condition! And if you do, it costs so much it will spend more time oiled up and riding a rack in your safe than riding on your hip.

Enter Turnbull Manufacturing: THE premier restoration company for all things classic from Winchester lever guns to Colt pistols and nearly everything quality in between. Turnbull has quietly been restoring classic firearms for decades. While you can send your original 1911 there to be restored, you now have another options -- the Turnbull 1911. Starting with a new forged frame, the good folks at Turnbull kept to the original specs and quality as seen generations ago. Hand polished, then Carbonia Charcoal blued, their 1911 looks like it is still dripping wet when finished. Other period touches such as a lanyard loop, early-style slide stop, two tone magazine and correct sights round out the package.

Turnbull 1911 stampedAll models are stamped United States Property as the original and of course can be had in  U.S. Army, U.S. Navy and U.S. Marine Corps variations.

I have been lusting for one of these since they announced the limited edition run a year ago. I just heard from Doug Turnbull today and they only have a handful left.  Wants versus needs, wants versus needs...hmmm. I harp this mantra to the wife all the time, surely she will understand I need a Turnbull 1911 and a she just wants a new car...right?

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