PETA Kills Animals: Report Says 95 Percent of Pets Slaughtered in 2011

It's no secret how we at Petersen's Hunting feel about PETA. It's also no secret that PETA has been known to kill dogs and cats in the group's care. In 2005, two PETA members were arrested after tossing dead cats and dogs into a dumpster in North Carolina.

And that was just two people; imagine how much damage the entire organization does. The Daily Caller reports that PETA killed 95 percent of the pets in its care in 2011, slaughtering 1,911 cats and dogs while finding homes for just 24 pets according to a report from the Center for Consumer Freedom. Incredible -- only 24 families in the U.S. wanted pets last year!

Similar reports show that PETA has killed over 27,000 animals at its headquarters in Norfolk, Va., since 1998. That's more animals than any one of us have killed in that time frame.

"PETA hasn't slowed down its slaughterhouse operation," said Rick Berman, CCF's executive director, criticizing the group's apparent misuse of its $37 million dollar annual budget. "It appears PETA is more concerned with funding its media and advertising antics than finding suitable homes for these dogs and cats."

Berman also runs the website, which reported that in 2010, a Virginia resident called PETA asking if there was an animal shelter nearby; PETA said no, and was subsequently investigated by the state agricultural department.

"The facility does not contain sufficient animal enclosures to routinely house the number of animals annually reported as taken into custody," wrote Dr. Daniel Kovich, who concluded that PETA kills 84 percent of the animals it takes in within 24 hours.

"For the 13th year in a row, PETA's leaders have shown they don't care about the unlucky dogs and cats that come to its Norfolk facility," Berman wrote in the CCF report. "It's about time PETA's 'shelter' is reclassified as a slaughterhouse."

Still, PETA maintains that it's somehow doing the right thing, according to media liaison Jane Dollinger, who said the animals PETA kills are killed because of "injury, illness, age, aggression, or because no good homes exist for them." How compassionate; to use PETA's own tactics, imagine of the nursing home euthanized Grandma as soon as you dropped her off.

Unsurprisingly, PETA had no comment when asked what efforts were made to find homes for the animals it took in.

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