Physical Hunts: Hydration is Key

Physical Hunts: Hydration is Key
Although the view was beautiful, it was some tough hunting to get to this point!

Everyone knows the recommended water intake is around eight glasses a day, but what about when you're hunting?  Physical hunts can be an easy time where people forget to drink a lot of water, but it can leave you in tough shape if you end up dehydrated!  Maybe it's not that you forget, but lets face it, when you're elk hunting you want to drink it'¦you pack it.  Well, at least that's how it used to be, now your hydration pack can produce safe, clean drinking water from taps, rivers and mountain streams.

I've had elevation sickness numerous times and the only cure I know of is to drink a ton of water and try to arrive early to acclimate if possible.  In many cases I don't have time to show up early so the only answer is drinking a lot of water, and this can be tough in the field.  Sometimes it's hard to get a guide to stop, and it is also tough to carry a sufficient amount of water when you're trying to pack light, especially when I'm packing heavy camera equipment!  In the past I've used water bottles and bladders in my pack so I could have instant access and basically grab a drink on the run.  Usually the water has an awful taste from being in the bladder and it can be tough to keep clean.  (Especially after dumping Koo-laid packets in from time to time in hopes of helping out with the taste!)

Last week as I was looking around at the Texas Hunter's Extravaganza I saw the Rocky Mountain Survival Gear booth doing a demonstration that caught my eye.  They were taking murky looking water, pouring it into a Pure Hydration bladder that goes in a backpack, and then serving glasses of crystal clear water to people from the bladder as they walked by.  I watched for a minute, then moved in for a closer look.  My first question was if this can make that water look clean, can it help with the smell and taste as well?  I have several western hunts coming up this fall and thought of the nasty tasting water that would be in store.

Not only did this bladder remove all the nasty odor and taste, the container itself was completely different.  Most bladders are thin plastic and have a tendency to tear and leak in the field.  This Armoured Reservoir is made from a much heavier weaved material to prevent tears and protect your water supply.  It also has a big flap that opens from the top to make it easy to add water from a faucet or dip it a river.  Now this is where the product really snagged me!  It has an Aquasak Inline Filtration System that makes water safe to drink by killing viruses and bacteria, plus it removes bad taste, odors and any sediments.  It removes everything from E. Coli to Beaver Feaver giving you peace of mind when you fill your water bottle up in the morning that at least getting sick from the water won't be something you have to face on your big hunt!

Now you get good tasting and safe water to drink, you can fill up your bladder, or water bottle right in the field making your pack much lighter as well! These products have become standard issue for a variety of military personnel and as a hunter it not only keeps my water tasting good, but gives me a little sense of security the next time I turn on a faucet in some remote hunting camp.  So drink up this fall and travel light!  For more info on this product checkout or call Jennifer Lappin at 303-834-9165

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